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  1. I would like to know what year this gage is from thanks for any help Bob
  2. I bought the jugs, and will be useing them. Thanks Michael. Bob Ronning
  3. I am working on a 1909 IHC autobuggy. I am looking for the cap or cover for the timer. I also need the terminal that is on the top of it. can anyone help? has anyone made one and has a die to stamp out the cap? Thanks Bob R
  4. I am looking for something to use on my 1908 IHC running board. What was on the old ones, rubber with a canvas backing. does anyone make something like this, even all rubber?
  5. Sorry I only have 45 photos and none of your Rolls Royce Phantom 2. Bob R
  6. I will be looking though the photos soon I will post more later. sorry I do not look at the forms that often. Bob
  7. are there judgimg standards for HPOF? Hqw good does the pant have to be, how much off for no top, is less taken off for older cars? I would like to take my 1914 Ford T to the meet in Il. but do not know if I should. Thanks Bob
  8. I saw your post and I had A listing of more than one page, But I can not find it at this time. I do not know if it was for the same date. i will keep looking for my list. Bob
  9. Two more from the Peck collection. 1919 Ballot and a 1925 Doble steam car. I am sure everyone knows where the Doble is now. Bob
  10. Here is one more from the Peck collection. I have almost 70 photos of the cars. This one is a 1919 Cunningham DePalma Speedster. Bob R
  11. Sorry Nancy I do not have any photos of them. Bob
  12. I have the IL. Region AACA library. Yes there are some photos of the Cameron Peck cars. here are some that were asked about in this form. I have not found one of the 1902 White . Bob Ronning
  13. I am trying to contact the person that had the Buick model 10 jugs for sale at Hershey this year. If anyone knows who it was, or if anyone has one or two I would appreciate finding them. Thanks Bob
  14. Thank you for the vidio. I looked at this car and wanted to hear it run. I saw him come into the show field but was too far away to hear it. I have a Great Westren gas engine built in 1905 that is two stroke one cylinder, but have never heard a 3 cylinder.
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