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  1. I have to commend on job our AACA club did running this Grand National Meet in Gettysburg. They were able to make lemonade out of lemons and salvage a car activity from a not so good car show season. We were very apprehensive on attending the event but after receiving the letter they sent out helped reassure us they were willing to try their best to keep the attendees safe. The only knock I have is that we were saddened to see how many people didn't take the clubs request seriously to wear a mask and keep a safe distance between each other. Again two thumbs up for a job well done.
  2. Hi All, I see American Classic Tires have come out with a bias looking radial tire and it caught my interest. I like how bias looking and tall they are and thought this could be the best of both worlds. Do any of you have any experience with them or if you know anyone that does I'd love to hear from you. cheers, DaveMyers
  3. I received an email about a car for sale a month or so ago that I inquired about through Hemmings nearly a year ago from this bird. It was maybe 10-20K under the price guide value so it had my interest. I emailed him back and he replied and wanted 15% deposit to hold it. I then called and a middle eastern man named Alexander answered and when I said I wanted to come down to see the car he said there was a deposit on it. A friend called after I did and then the car could be purchased. This whole deal seemed a little fishy to me and worse when I remembered that the car was in the car corral on Sat. at Hershey, was sold when another friend tried to buy it. This could be a SCAMMER!
  4. Looks to me like each year more and more vender spaces are just being used for parking spaces. It use to take us most of three days to get through the flea market now because of empty spaces and stands opening up so late two days are plenty. I agree with moving the car show back to the front of the Giant Center, no dust or potential mud there for the show cars.
  5. I am looking for a vender who can supply me with the ribbed flooring material which I believe is made from linoleum. I think this material was used in most base model 50's GM wagons where carpet wasn't used.
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