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  1. I've been covering my cars for aver 30 years. I have never covered my cars when they are hot from engine heat, also, from heat from the sun. Especially darker colors. I have never experienced any paint problems on my cars. My last car, a Black Lacquer 1969 Plymouth Road Runner I owned and covered for 28 years, still looked great. I buy only quality covers, not the generic Walmart type.
  2. Interesting, I think it's worth trying.
  3. Thank you for posting the picture link, enjoyed.
  4. Here is a picture of one of the plaques we had made. Also, my jacket that modeled after the plaque. Our wives had matching pink jackets. We were an active club starting about 1982, here in the Houston, Texas area. The club seemed to die off in the late 1980's. Some of the members kept in contact with each other into the early 2000's.
  5. I used to spend summers in Mass. I never herd of the Easton Falcons. I would loved to have seen their cars. The club plaques are cool. In the 1980's the club I belonged to had both jackets and plaques made. I'll post pictures if you would like.
  6. I met Art in the mid 1970's thru the Cape Canaveral chapter of the AACoA, of which I was a member. He was one of the owners of Scrip Antique Auto in Melbourne Florida at the time. They did a fantastic job of restoring my 1958 Edsel Pacer. The last time I saw Art was in 2009, when I came to one of the club business meetings while I was in town. He will be missed. He was a fine gentleman and friend. While I was in Florida, he was always there to help in any way he could. Rest in peace Art!
  7. Unique, I like it, great job. Do post pictures when you get it finished.
  8. I currently have 202 dealer promos on display. I still have the first promos that my father got for me in the mid and late 1950's. Since I can't have all the full size cars I want, I had to resort to collecting 1/25 scale models and promos, with a total of 574 on display in show cases.
  9. I put DOT 5 brake fluid in my 69 Plymouth Road Runner, in 1990. It is still as clear as the day I put it in. I have never had a brake problem.
  10. Since I plan to sell several of my older cars this coming year, I'm sure the market is going to be down,
  11. Very nice, I can't remember the last time I saw one.
  12. Seeing a car like that, would make my da. That is awesome.
  13. I mostly collect 1/25 scale model cars, dealer promos and kits. I have over 550 on display in two rooms. I also have other scale models, along with badges, license plates and other auto related items.
  14. My father was a commercial sign painter. Every so often, four or five cars would show up at the house to have names painted on them. I was in my early teens, and the guys always treated me to a great personal tour of the custom, semi custom cars. My first nice car, 1963 Impala convertible, my father added gold leaf Playboy Bunny's, to the lower front fenders. I wish I had pictures.
  15. January 1966, I took my drivers test in my fathers 1963 Falcon Futura, 2 door sedan.
  16. I put DOT 5 in my 1969 Plymouth Road Runner in 1989. The pedal is firm, not spongy, and the fluid is still as clear as water. I drive the car about 20 miles a week.
  17. It was built several years ago, for the Houston, Texas art car parade.
  18. Tom99

    1953 Desoto

    Congratulations, that is a great looking Desoto.
  19. I did this set of 1965 Texas plates.
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