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  1. I've known Don Babb for quite sometime, he seemed intelligent, gentle, soft spoken knowledgeable man amongst other things. I live here in Palmdale CA, he also used to live here. and still has a yard or two filled of parts and cars. Yes most of the cars and parts did come from this area dry desert and he was stamping plenty ford parts from time to time. ford model A and pickups and so fourth. I've seen hundreds of parts laying around his yards both repo and originals. most of the cars were taken up to Oregon from California over the years. so they are in pretty good shape. cars and parts very solid. but in order to get any was like pulling teeth with him for a while. I think he thought he was going to live forever. never the less he was always friendly and direct from my personal experience of him. thanks, Ed
  2. Hello, extinct species of scooter?. but first! allow me to explain. I've been a fan of Cushman for some years as most of us, so i would discuss and stumble on one or two from time to time with my friends and brothers. Recently I acquired a Cushman 1955 to 59 truckster or what was left of one, in an old gentlemen's yard. for the pricey sum of $50. i said cool ill pick up a part here and there and have fun piecing it back together, "cool rite?". well the other day i was at an old farm estate sale and even here in CA they still pop up know and then. there was a strange lil 3 wheeled cart sitting in the middle of a hoarders heaven. no one could say what it was. "maybe an old farmer slapped something together from leftover parts and created his own yard machine. hmmm?? we all kinda scratched our heads. so i said its pretty unique maybe ill take a chance. but! at $45 dollars it seamed a lil risky. so i said ill see if hell haggle a lil bit could we do $35 if i buy that old 69 trail 90 from you. "sure!" he says. "sold!" i said. i did a bit of research and come to find out, its an old Firebaugh truckette or special from 45 47 ish. i don't know much more than that but would like to put out some and whatever i learned about it since there is not but 3 or 4 pieces of literature on it and nothing on the old interweb. here are a couple pics enjoy! thanks, Ed
  3. i will probably paint it the factory color. i don't think it was two tone it only had the white between the chrome pieces. i would like to find original seat material i will redo them if i could. door panels are same as seat thanks for the parts info. i am looking for hood emblem "plastic insert".(oval with stars in it). no engine pics sorry. i can't wait for my first car cruise /show.
  4. hello i just picked up a awsome car rust free still has original j2 and most of the original interior is perfect. seats are only thing redone and the rest is perfect original condition trunk is awsome also. it has some center lines on it but it looks cool. i am mising the original fuel pump but would like to put it back to stock all other engine parts correct and intact except for the .(you guest it). the tri power air cleaner is gone never the less. it just needs paint. i'll try to do it justice. check it out on pic Ed any fellow 57 owners.
  5. i have a 57 98 j2 i bought in palmdale ca it is original 84 thousand mile car with power windows, seat, steer and brakes. it is 2 dr ht. interior is mostly original and in perfect condition (seats redone) the trunk is perfect, all original padding and panels. it has a j2 with vaccum set up for tri power but is missing the original fuel pump i want to set it up correct. it has all vaccum lines there and lines for wipers and other stuff(heater/fan?) no AC. does anyone have a diagram of the lines. any help would be appreciated. check out the pic pretty cool. i just have to paint it runs perrrrfect
  6. could someone help me, i have a car i just picked up in palmdale cali original 84 thousand miles on it. not a bit of rust. with most everything intact, except it is missing the fuel pump and i want to hook up everything the correct way tri power with vaccum lines and wiper works off fuel pump? anyone have a diagram of vaccum lines. etc. it is a 40-40-10-40 paint code. anyone know what color that is. thanks, ed. oh ya! it is missing the tri air cleaner. beautiful original interior still intact. panels, headliner, etc and trunk is perfect with original spare tire just needs paint
  7. there is a 57 olds for sale in my dry desert town no one knows about it. how much is it worth. it runs and drives not a bit of rust (cancer) all there with tri setup).
  8. how much should i pay or is it worth. it is all original never hit desert car rust free (none) tri power j2 option runs and drives needs paint and interior work. all there and complete.
  9. UBB47-ML-326417-ML- Moved for more exposure. RWB
  10. i have a chance to pickup this car how much is it worth it is all original needs paint and interior work has no rust at all and still has tri power j2 runs and drives
  11. call ed 661-341-0557 has a 350 rocket correct for 69 with jetaway trans. also have a 1970 455 f code shortblock with 71 4bbl intake and 400 trans. 5,500 ca 661-341-0557
  12. i found a 1970 engine f code 455 how can i find out what car it's for it is only the short block no heads or intake but i have a 71 intake 4 bbl. if anyone wants to trade or buy let me know i have a 69 442 i need engine and parts for. what should i do. ed 661 341-0557 in CA.
  13. 661-341-0557 Ed complete w/running engine and trans. as is 5,500
  14. i have in california a real 442 very solid and complete needs full restore w engine and tranny that work complete w/ AC, center console posi rear end. power top power disc brakes and power steering a steal for olds fans at 5,500 as is.661-341-0557 Ed
  15. i have a 69 442 convertible need engine 400 i what i think was in the car 661-341-0557 ed
  16. ed i have a 442 need a 400 engine in california 661-341-0557
  17. hello i need an engine for this car 442 convertible it has evrything except power windows. a/c console buckets posi rear. power top brakes and steering 661-341-0557 Ed also for sale
  18. 1969 442 convertible w/good engine and trans 5,500 with power top, center console buckets power brakes and steering and A/C call Ed 661-341-0557 project car real nice body.
  19. all original never restored all complete red and white zero rust very very solid body. no rust no dents sitting for 25 years in dry desert 661-945-9187 Ed 4,000 obo title
  20. i have a 56 olds 98 2dr ht i am parting out it is missing front seat windshield and door panels everything else is ther eit is power everything no motor all floors and trunk in very solid condition body is also good some lower 3 inch rust in qtr nothing big at all. all trim 661-945-9187 eman_usa@yahoo.com Ed
  21. 1968 elco new interior and primnered all metal is good except for what you see in pictures. cut outs for no furthur rust. engine is original 327 with PG tranny the car is in lancaster ca 93534 ed 661-945-9187 good restore or driver. 3,000
  22. not running in lancaster ca 93534 very very slid project car 3,500 obo 661-945-9187 eman_usa@yahoo.com all interior intact red and white
  23. 55 and 56 98 holidays on ebay 2dr ht's very complete and good solid body's item #2458226533 and 2458227182
  24. 1956 holiday 98 2dr ht electric missing front seat very good body red and white solid body just lower qtr near whell has little rust easy fix that's it everything else is good. 2,500 obo with original engine and tranny (not running) 661-945-9187
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