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  1. That would be great! We have looked for two years so far, LOL Deby Headed for Hershey too for three days,
  2. Looking for the button, the 1926 is different, not sure on the 1928.
  3. Nope, nothing here, I thought I was the only one wondering:):)Didn't dare post. Deby
  4. When you take the pictures take a little book and write down each picture of what it is. I know that sounds dumb but it helped when we put ours back together and you were not sure what the picture was. Also tell if it is front the back, front, left side, right side, from the motor any thing will help. Also we marked each bag and marked it with marker that was water proof. Write down a list of all the stuff you want to replace so when you go to swap meets you will have a list of what you need. If you are not sure on some thing add a picture of the trim or what ever it is so you can match it easyer. Good luck! Deby
  5. OK I have never been there and have been trying to find out what they have. We love Hershey and wondered if they had it like Hershey or if it was harded to get to the venders, like spread out far apart. Do you know if they hae a camping spot like Hershey white field? Thanks Deby
  6. I have a question about Alburn Fall Festival. We heard you need a cart of some sort just to get around. Every thing is far from car correl, auction, flea market. Is it like Hershey where you can walk? We can walk but were advised to get a cart before we go! Deby
  7. Gosh! I'm old fashion, I have a computer and two printers. Both printers never move. I also have a copier in another room. Thats it! Maybe santa list should have a lap top! Deby
  8. I am supposed to be doing book work, look where I am.:) I had to check that Hershey thread! So I feel it not a lost of time,just learning more! Thats my story and I am sticking to it! Deby
  9. Just want to make sure! LOL Nice seeing you too & Peter. I have to say I love your auction experience. I had to laugh! I would of loved to see you drive that old car, but still better yet take pictures! Deby
  10. Can any parts of the email be used in the news letters? Some of our members do not have email. I am passing out the sheet for sign up's at the next meeting. Deby
  11. We were looking for the almost impossible when we left, a 1926-1927 Hupmobile horn button. No we did not find it. We thought the Chocolate field was the ""worst"" for the "no shows" one place had one half row of nothing on both sides except for new cars. Not one vender was there. Bike guys were a lot worst then the golf carts this year. Every row we were in had at least one biker who would lay their bike down and walk away, one almost got ran over by a golf cart guy that did not see it and he was trying to get out of a cars way. I saw one old man trip over one. Weather was perfect and the new friends you meet always make up for the bad stuff. ( I have to say I do miss the mud a little it just doesn't seam the same:):) I have it on our calendar for next year already! Deby
  12. Still looking for handles for 1938 Chrysler Royal window and handles for a 1926-1927 Hupmobile doors. Also a 1927 Hupmobile horn button. Looking for 1967 Rancharo parts also. Best find: was two years ago we found a 6 volt bull horn to add a little fun to the Hupmobile. My hubby likes to add horns to every thing.
  13. One thing make sure you mark each spoke and put them back where they came from. We redid our wheels and maked each wheel and each spoke. I have pictures but don't know how to add that here. Email me if you want pictures of how we tore ours apart. Deby
  14. Well in our club we had a member that gave me several "for sale" cars for the news letter. He also told at the meeting he was selling the cars. He then told me " you have to come look before you add them to the newsletter" So we went and bought one and the others I added to the news letter. Nobody ever said any thing. Then my husband did a job for a guy (non member) and he had a couple of cars (VW's)he wanted to "give away". We did not want them but knew a member who could use parts. We contacted that person and he was very happy. As for posting a add in our paper I have added everything I was given by members or friends of members, I have never been asked by any body else (non member) Deby
  15. WOW Dean, You are doing a great job! We have a 1927 Hupmobile that needs body work but our engine runs fine. Inside of our doors are wood and they are falling apart. We joined the Hupmobile Club and went to the show in Detroit two years ago. What a nice time. Got lots of help and got lots of information where to get parts. You should think about joining. (I would add a picture but don't know how to do that.) We are in nothern NY. I am going to watch your progress.:) Deby & Jim
  16. I found a place thats sells Hupp literature. It's 315-432-8256 Syracuse, NY Deby
  17. Did you try the Hupmobile Club? Lee Wilkes might be able to help. Deby
  18. We were there! Yes, a lot of muscle cars. I loved the 1940 Caddy limo that was there on Friday! I remember seeing that car that you bought too. That was really nice! Deby We were looking for some thing different in the 1940 but my hubby is not into Chevy.
  19. We can only drive ours from April to October also but yes all of ours get driven as much as we can. Walter(1938 Chrysler) is well know at the post office and the local store. I hear "there goes Walter " all the time! Deby
  20. Well this was interesting! My aunt was 83 when she got her first car titled in her name. All other cars was in husbands name. When she gave up driving she was 87. She put me down as the owner of the car if any thing happened to her. She too had no children and I am one of 43 nieces. My husband and I used to take her to shows after she came back here from Florida when she lost her husband. She never told me she was leaving me the car. She went in for a normal opperation and died there. The very first thing my aunt said was now "I'll sell the car." That is until her will was opened! I now have a 1987 caddy in almost mint condition. Boy was I surprised and so was my aunt. She left a note she wanted me to take it to a car show when it was "old enough" and I am pleased to tell it one "top 60" in a show last year the took all cars. I put it in memory of her. Do you have any cousins that are interested? Deby
  21. How about the laundry truck? I am trying to add a photo. 1957 Ford Laundry truck still has the rack for haning clothes inside. We show it "as is".
  22. I emailed you information on our 1927 Hupmobile. Contack me any time. Deby
  23. We hope to get one for our motor home. Do you need a different one for larger cars & trucks? We like the one that goes in several old cars, motor home, log truck and his dump truck. Any ideas? Deby
  24. I wanted to wish you a "Happy Birthday Peter" and many many more! Deby
  25. Novaman, me too. I always wanted to have a coffin that you could open the door of the car and have it come out only a little ways and then open partly! I know I am bad! Also have it open in a show and have it moan and wiggle! That waving is some thing I never thought of thats sounds like fun too. Deby