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  1. Hello, I finished putting together a video on the model 14 and posted it on Youtube; Here is the link: I posted it in 1080 resolution, but it only comes up on Youtube in 480... Thanks, Joe
  2. Hello, Bonded/ riveted brake lining on bands installed on spindle hub. I purchased a small oven to cure the adhesive on the lining to bands. The instructions with the adhesive stated a curing temp. between 350 to 450 degrees farenheit for an hour to make the glue impervious to water. Needless to say, it got a little smelly in the garage with a little haze in the air.... Thanks, Joe
  3. Hi Larry, The tops on these early cars were an option (they all came with the necessary mounting studs and retention knobs from the factory). As far as the brake lining, I use hollow shank cartridge brass rivets. The lining is counterbored for the rivet heads. I made a rivet set tool that curls over the hollow shank of the rivet when hammered down. Thanks, Joe
  4. Hello, The broken up brake lining was the molded strip type from McMaster-Carr. It had a high friction cofficent, but proved to be too brittle for a band application. I'm going to try the woven strip type; it has brass fibers in it to dissapate heat. I bought the 3/16" by 1" wide strip and milled it down to 3/4" wide to fit the bands. I'm also going to use a high temperature adhesive to bond the material to the bands. Just to play safe, I"ll rivet them again also. Thanks, Joe
  5. Hello, Well, Its time to do a brake job already (500 miles). The brake lining on the steel bands has disintegrated.. Joe
  6. Hello, Responding to the question I had about the fanbelt I use on the model 14 engine- I use 3/8" diameter round leather belting from McMaster-Carr (p/n # 6170K16 @ $2.37 per foot). The steel connecting staple wires are part # 184834 at .46 cents each. The belt joining tool (really cool) is #1848K1 and is approximately $70.00. Buy extra staples and belting- you'll need it! Thanks, Joe
  7. Hi Larry, I sent you a PM, Thanks, Joe
  8. For the tail lights, I use a couple of clip on LED red blinker lights. Thanks, Joe.
  9. Photo of head lamps with flashlights slipped in & LED's turned on. (note the glare shown in the photo is much more than actually exists- if any).
  10. Hello, I whipped up some LED flashlight holders (they fit inside of brass headlamps). Now I can drive back home from the cruise-in when its dark. Thanks, Joe
  11. Hello, Thanks to everyone for the feedback:D Now, its on to dad's model 10 (make that 4 cylinder run as good as a 2!).......Joe
  12. Hello, I cranked up the model 14 yesterday and headed over to Bedford (with camera & tripod), Thanks, Joe
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