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  1. I have a 1991 Light Yellow w/Ginger interior. I have all documentation including original sticker. It has 113K miles. Exterior is excellent. Interior is good. I live in Alpharetta, GA. Am willing to part with the TC. Pls contact me - thanks.
  2. Anyone know a part number for this bushing and where to get it? or an equivalent? THANKS
  3. appears as though and don't exactly quote me but...even though the accumulator failed, it does run for a while and it blew a fuse on the a fuse box inside the engine. so my mechanic had to jump the connection - the fuse box was in not in good shape - and place another wire w/fuze - to get power back. The helpful hint came from Andy at TC Parts
  4. Just had a rebulit one installed by the shop. System cuts off at about 1325psi. Anyone have a clue as to what could be causing this? Thanks for your input in advance.
  5. I-m sorry that I wasn't clear...there's smoke from burnt oil out of the exhaust pipes...only after a cold start...mechanic seems to think that the rubber valvecseals, now about 20 years old, are worn and only after the engine warms up do they expand and prevent oil from seeping
  6. It's a 1991 with 100K on the odometer. Gets blow by on a cold start - regularly. No oil burning after car runs for a few minutes. Local mechanic thinks it's seals - anyone else a thought? Oil has been regularly changed every 3K miles. Passed Georgia emissions test the other day!
  7. thank you all. I'll try your suggestions as soon as Atlanta warms up. Predicted to be about 18 degrees F tonight
  8. It gets upto mid-range and then the fan cuts in reducing the reading to about 1/4. So it cycles approx 1/4 to 1/2 (maybe a little more than 1/2)
  9. It's a 1991 - 95K miles - coolant system regularly flushed by the pros - but the heater is now topping off at about 75-80 degrees F - cycles but never really gets HOT air. Any ideas? Please not the heater core... Thanks
  10. I will do that - I found some articles that suggested what you are saying - the leads to the lamp grounded to an aluminum grommet that can get corroded.
  11. All of a sudden it seems, my center brake light won't light-up when the brake is depressed. I took the part off yesterday and each of the 8 mini-lamps (I think they are H9)were ok. I read out each of the contacts and each had a DC voltage (forgot how much). But they won't light - and all fuzes are ok. Anyone experience this before? Any suggestions as to where the problem lies? Thanks a bunch. It's a 1991 Ginger.
  12. The tran doesn’t appear to be going into overdrive when I reach 75-80 mph, the tach is at ~4000 rpm. The speedometer and odometer are not working either. Ever hear of this type problem? The car has about 80,000 miles on it.
  13. Thanks for the info. I emailed DaimlerChrsler and their response confirmed part availability. My dealer's parts guy must have had a bad day.
  14. A couple of questions - thanks 1. Does anyone have one to sell? 2. Is it the same motor for all 3 years of production? 3. Does anyone know the OEM for the motor - was it a European part? Please email me with any help you can provide. Thanks a bunch.
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