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  1. I have an cast iron body, brass bowl updraft carb that's been sitting around the house for a few years. Any idea what it fits. Only id on it is the numbers cast in. It has a 2 1/16 in. throat and 3 3/8 in. mounting bolt spread center to center. The bowl cover is missing and the idle air flapper is broken. I just found a stamped number on the brass bowl. It's 965763. Maybe that will help. Thanks ahead of time GaryB
  2. Hi, Does anyone know where I might find wiper arms for the Anco Dead-Locker wiper blades. Just the adapters would do. I either need the arms or adapters to fit the flat straight style arms. Thanks. GaryB
  3. The first picture is the front engine splash pan. The notch is for the crank to go through. The second picture, I don't know what you call it, but it goes over the frame between the rear deck and the spare tire on the r/s coupe. It's dark out or I would take some pics of mine on the car. GaryB
  4. Post this on the Hudson forum at www.classiccar.com/forums Lots of Hudson Essex guys there. It looks like the engine in my 29 Gary B
  5. Hi all, In a recent thread 'Current Market VI alue vs. Certified Appraisal' someone said to put the vehicle on ebay and the highest bidder would set the value of the car. I was wondering if anyone has asked the question of how Ebay has changed the value of old cars and parts. I know I've been buying and pricing and sometimes selling antique furniture and cars since long before Ebay. It used to be you could go to one part of the country and buy certain types of items and take them to another part of the country and sell them for a pretty good profit. Either because the first area had an over abundance of the items or they just didn't know what it was worth in other areas. Now that Ebay has been around for several years I've seen prices level out considerably. Now all you have to do is put an item on Ebay and let the world set the price. That's good in some ways and in other ways, well, it's getting harder to turn a few bucks. I think one thing that has effected prices is that when something you thought was pretty rare is sold on Ebay for a good price it seems like they start coming out of the woodwork and you find out its not that rare and there are still quite a few of them around. I use ebay alot and I just wondered what effects ebay has had on other folks. Thanks Gary B
  6. Thanks alot! Here are a couple more pictures taken at the same time. Gary B
  7. This photo was taken in Elko County, Nevada in 1928 by my wife's grandfather Thanks, Gary B
  8. My bearing substitution book shows the following for #3309 Trucks: AFC Brill 40-48 Trans Mainshaft front Hendrickson 48-52 Trans Propeller shaft International 46-49 Aux trans and power divider front and rear output shaft Peterbilt 45-48 Spicer trans #703 mainshaft front White 40-43 Spicer trans #7131 mainshaft front Tractors: Allis Chalmers WF 34-49 Jackshaft Oliver & Cletrac BD,BDH,BGF,BCH,BGS Trans front and rear driveshaft and Belt pulley center driveshaft D,DD,DG Trans front and rear driveshaft Hope this helps. Gary B
  9. Check out JCWhitney.com . They sell them for just about any year and vehicle GaryB
  10. Hi, I found this ad in a 1929 Motor magazine. I was just wondering if anyone has actually seen or has one of these carburetor/fuel pump combos. See link www.nucwa.com/sw.pdf Sounds interesting. I wonder how many of these were actually used. Thanks, GaryB
  11. I have a reference to a Champion J5 in my AC conversion chart. It converts to a AC #43. Application 1953-54 Corvette. GaryB
  12. I just uploaded a pdf copy of an article from a 1930 Autocar magazine. Good information there. This was sent to me by Tom Butler. Here's a link to the page. www.nucwa.com/page2.html Enjoy, GaryB Htrdsx
  13. Hi, I have a little information on the Blackhawk automobile on my website. Check out the link below to access a pdf file. Blackhawk made an eight and a six cylinder auto in several models. There are no pics just info. It's on three or four pages just scroll down to the correct listing. It's a scanned spec section from a 1929 Motor Magazine. http://www.nucwa.com/nov29spec.pdf GaryB
  14. Hi, I just posted an Operation Manual for the Series II Morris Eight on my website. You can view or download it here www.nucwa.com/morrisA.pdf . GaryB
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