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  1. Just purchased another 36 model 40 which was dipped years ago. The engine number is 4-3011581. The tag on frame was removed and data tag-on cowl has hole thru it and unable to see the last number but believe body number is 67114--the 4 is questionable. With just the engine number-which is used for title/VIN-is there a way to determine the other numbers for the car? Thanks
  2. Thanks--already cleaned up and pretty impressed with condition. Not sure holes will match as heater was not year correct. SEM most likely a good idea and will try a sample spot. Good area for color match behind where heater mounted as the paint appears close to original. Thanks for response.
  3. Have 36 buick and want to restore original firewall pad. In pretty good shape except faded and dirty. Have new molded plastic installed but would hope I can restore original. Not sure what would be best method or paint. Anyone have experience or suggestions? Thanks
  4. I've conquered the electrical. Went ahead and wired heater to headlight switch and wired the radio directly to battery as I didn't want to put anything more on switch and my radio has fuse inline. The heater switch I found I had reversed the connection and now works three speeds plus the off position. Now to have the interior finished and believe other than touching up paint where I dinged it putting car together I will be finished, I think. Appreciate everyone's help and looks as tho I may be acquiring another 36 to restore. Thought I'd best keep with something I kind of know. Thanks again Ro
  5. Wired up my heater to #9 on headlight switch--hot from contact on fused connector on headlight switch. Worked but when I turned off car the bulb inside the heater switch continued to draw current and illuminate. Obviously need to connect to something that is not hot when car is turned off. Could it just be the switch-assumed that bulb not illuminated except when switch turned on. Suggestions? Mark I did get my fat a** under the dash once again and thought it may be the last trip. But issue with heater will cause me once again to get on my back and work upside down. I also wired my radio direc
  6. Took the dimmer switch out and sure enough when tested did not transfer current from one pole to the other. Thought it was toast so took it apart just to see what was inside. Cleaned a little and sprayed with WD 40 and put back together and tested again. To my surprise it worked. The lights all worked and as Jeff says it is truly funky. Sure enough the dimmer indeed switched the passenger side to dim when in country and worked in city with both going to bright or dim. Now all I have to do is get my fat a## under the dash and install the headlight switch. I had bench tested the headlight switch
  7. Thanks--think I figured out the headlight switch and which control the headlights. I've run additional grounds and don't think that is problem. I've ordered a new dimmer switch and think that may be issue. I tested all last nite just running wire from positive on battery to each of the headlight connections on the terminal block and could identify the upper beams on both driver and passenger--all 4 worked. So assume my dimmer is faulty. I will remove and confirm hopefully tonite. Thanks for response.
  8. Looked at manual and aware of the 4 settings: off, park and tail, city with park and tail, and country. No problem with park tail but confused with headlights. Post earlier on this board says on 37-38 the dimmer switch caused one light to go to bright but not both. Manual for 36 doesn't say anything about one light and assume both are to go to bright. When I press the dimmer switch the passenger light goes out and the driver's light stays on but don't believe intensity changes. Everything seems to work except for the Country setting. I'm not sure the dim/bright are as shown on wiring diagram a
  9. Could you provide photo. Could send to rlcokc@aol.com or private message. You have key for lock? Please place me in line for purchase. Thanks Rod
  10. Just an update for fun. I finally got the wiper motor back in--checked it before installing with vacuum from engine and it worked great. This has been a process and installed at one point without putting the chrome back in which holds the switch on the dash. Needless to say having installed and removed several times I now have the installation down. Unfortunately I didn't fully understand the post of Jeff and once I installed the motor, hooked up the vacuum hose and started car the wiper motor moved a bit and froze. I assume I have the linkages backwards and intend on removing and reconnecting
  11. Thanks for the info. Once you get the wheels if you don't mind let me know what you think of the "B" wheel. I haven't taken a lot of time looking but have kept my eye out. I, like you, am trying to keep car as original as possible. I had a brand new 67 GS when a kid and that is the reason I purchased the one I have. See yours is convertible--that is really what I wanted just didn't have patience to find one I wanted. I did repaint mine original yellow and all new interior including dashboard all to original. Thanks for response and if you don't mind send me a pm and I will contact BuickNOS abo
  12. I too would be interested in set--curious does the source where you found the wheels have additional? I would like the original just to keep as original as possible. Mine GS not a show car but part of the fun is putting it back as close to original as possible. I presently have keystone mags which I think are period correct but over sized and the rears rub the fenders. Rod
  13. I was wrong--sorry. Extra fuel pumps for my 41 Plymouth not the 36 buick.
  14. FYI-Dave is out of town until the 15th of April. I will look to see if I have any junk pumps with good top. Know I have several fuel pumps just don't remember if any not functional.
  15. Posted on buick buy/sell--thought might have some luck here. Contacted wiperman and he does not have arms for 36 buick. Have not spoken with Dave Tachney as he is out of town and won't return for about a week. Put the wiper motor, transmissions and arms on but the arms I have don't fit. wiper transmission looks like this: There is no hole thru the shaft but splines that the wiper arm slides over. Need both sides. Thanks
  16. Contacted wiperman and he does not have arms for 36 buick. Have not spoken with Dave Tachney as he is out of town and won't return for about a week. Put the wiper motor, transmissions and arms on but the arms I have don't fit. wiper transmission looks like this: There is no hole thru the shaft but splines that the wiper arm slides over. Need both sides. Thanks
  17. Thanks to all for input and suggestions. Tom appreciate the photo and really was a inventive fix to the problem. I'll plod along and think I can loosen the wiper motor and jiggle the switch and then tighten the motor and hopefully get the on/off switch where it will operate the motor. If not I'll have wipers that look like they operate even if they don't. Thanks to all
  18. Thanks Tom appreciate it. Did have wife with small hands get the spring keeper on altho realized the knob on dash was not seated on motor and therefore unable to turn on/off. Only way to fix is to remove and start over. At this point unless easy fix I won't fix as won't drive in rain in any event.
  19. Appreciate the responses. I didn't have too much difficulty install the motor and have been able to get both metal linkages from the wiper transmission on the wiper motor but have not been able to install the spring keeper pictured above. Tom-reviewed your post and see the new arm with mcmaster carr pivots is the on/off switch and not the attachment to the wiper transmissions. I believe that mine was attached when I put the motor on many moons ago and it has switch on dash centered just above the light/radio---maybe one-two inches inside the windshield. I will crawl under the dash tonight and
  20. Jeff Think I understand--if at one extreme position arm of wiper not operate properly? I thought that when attaching wiper arms to the linkage I could adjust the "swing" of the motor and wasn't concerned with connecting linkage as I thought adjustment could be made later. If that is in error I certainly want to address before I get the spring on the linkage. The part that is causing me the most problem. Additionally I find one of the retainers for the wiper transmission which are placed under the dash and are threaded to hold transmission in place--one is broken and I would like to purchase a
  21. I reversed the motor and it doesn't rotate a full 180 and one side never comes down enough to become accessible. I would modify the pivot on the motor but it is pressed, mine is welded, to the rod coming out of the motor so there is no adjustment. I have a couple of other motors and they do not adjust either. I will check the other motors and see if the pivot is mounted in same position or if perhaps using a different motor would make life easier. I do have radio altho it is really not in the way--but center mount speaker is a little. Not tried to access from under the dash--only thru the vent
  22. Any magic/secret to installation of spring which attaches both arms from transmission to wiper motor? The vent pivot is in the way but can be moved but the rotating arm of the motor will not allow one end of the pivot to be reached thru the vent. I am able to attach the arm from both right and left but access so limited I have yet to figure out how to get the spring over both connections so as to hold in place. Is there a different order of doing things which would work?
  23. Wish I had asked back when I was installing my tank--on the 36. I took putty knife and got mine off all in one piece but severely weathered. I just patched it with I think rubber compound in a tube and it held together well enough to install. Had to take the tank back off and found it still in place and in one piece. Only caveat is clearance as if too thick will make installation of tank a bit of a problem. My sending unit is in the middle of the grommet and think the clearance created protects unit as well as a little clearance so no short. The stuff posted by Tom looks a whole more substatnt
  24. Great-thanks for the additional information. I really appreciate it and it is most helpful. Rod
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