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  1. great idea--never thought about roofing felt. The original a bit stronger as it is, I think, a cotton cloth, but strength shouldn't be much of an issue.
  2. Didn't really know what to call thread but am restoring my 36 and almost all connections originally had a cloth between the metal and the wood body. Seems to be simply cotton cloth impregnated with oil. Not sure what to use when putting back together. What have you guys used in completing/putting the cars back together. Could use thin rubber I would assume but just curious if product available which replaces the original. Rod
  3. yes they would appear to be 1936. I would need couple of additional photos to be certain--Should have round ring on the side---measurements to confirm without question. I have two 36 model 40's both with side mounts and would be happy to send you photos if needed. They look to be in good condition and are relatively hard to locate--the fenders are much harder to locate and usually are pretty rough. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Went ahead and called Dave and as usual he has what I needed. Should have called before posting but last I talked to him thought he didn't have much in way of door hardware. He is such a great resource. Rod
  5. Haven't contacted Dave Tachney yet but need driver's side front window regulator. Found one from 36 Pontiac 4 door and would like to know if interchangeable. Looks same but don't know measurements. If anyone has one or knows if it would work please let me know. Do intend to contact Dave if no luck but have a couple of other issues and not sure what needed. Also need carb linkage to choke if anyone has one. Thanks Rod
  6. never used never thought of this solution. I found some with countersunk hole in middle which would allow hole to countersink magnet and then nail to wood with nail. Any suggestions/idea of size or how close the magnets should be placed one to the other. Metal to back of door panel--I assume the metal makes no difference so long as ferrous? I'm actually intrigued by this idea. Thanks
  7. interesting and one I never thought about. I'm going to try the brads and might just try the magnets at same time. Sure would make it easier to remove panels if necessary.
  8. Actually thought about hot glue/glue gun but would prefer to be able to remove and maybe not destroy the panels. Did think about gluing the tack strip but just didn't think it would hold. The windlace was to my way of thinking the easiest solution but the windlace attached to body and not door and while it would hide the brads when doors closed, when open it would show if installation tore the material. This car has undergone frame off but I did a great deal of the work and a trailer queen it will not be. Just don't want any noticeable errors if they can't be avoided. Looked at Hampton's webs
  9. Outlaw-you are correct. My panels are from Hampton Coach. They are totally fabricated and ready to go--just trying to figure out best way to attach. Appreciate your help and suggestions--as always I need all the help I can get. Rod
  10. I'm definitely an amateur and agree the tacking would be easier. I can't get the material off the cardboard backing without tearing the cardboard so think only alternative is to use brads thru the panel. Really appreciate all the input and will start testing with a piece of the panels-have an extra-and see how skilled I can become. Thanks again to all. Rod
  11. Outlaw That looks awesome and my interior would appear to be very similar and wool broadcloth is the material. Understand tacking strip and seems to be solution but don't understand how it connects to panel then to car. Looked on internet and "tacking strip" seems to be just a small nailer of cardboard to small metal channels with clips primarily for headliner. I think you are saying on the 34 the clips had a hook or protrusion that fit into holes in door frames. If you don't mind would you describe how the tack strip attached to the panel? Appreciate you suggestions and help. Thanks Rod
  12. Thanks for the responses. We'll see how it goes. Have interior guy but he is so slow I've run out of patience and would like to move on.
  13. Checked my panels last night and found them to be just as Gregg showed in photos above-I just didn't remember. I looked at the tacking strips and looked at panels from Hampton and material glued to panel and I attempted to remove a portion of fabric to determine if I could place the metal strips under the fabric and then re-glue. As I attempted to pull the cardboard liner began to separate so it was apparent that was not going to work. Will have to use Trimcar's described method to attach the panels. Gregg-how did you re-fabric your 36? Not having looked for source maybe you haven't replaced
  14. Really appreciate the responses. I looked at the item on ebay and appears most likely too large for any help--but hard to tell dimensions from photos and no description. Trimcar's description seems pretty straight forward and think I understand. When installing do the brads 5-6 inches apart would do the trick? Tinindian do you recall which body manual had photo? would be curious if I could replicate. Using the straight pin does sound doable. I forgot to look at my panels last nite but pretty sure no tacking strips and to remove the fabric from panel and make the tacking strips most likely I w
  15. Interesting. I don't recall that strip from removing the original but still have and will look at. Also will pull panes from Hampton Coach and see if any solution there. Thanks for the replies and may have to make a strip myself. Assume you just attach strip to the board and carefully hammer the brads/nails into the wood while protecting the material? Doesn't sound too difficult and certainly a clearer look. thanks
  16. Getting ready to install door panels--obtained from Hampton Coach-and not sure how to attach to wood frame. Appears that some have attached with screws with nickel molding around head and others appear to install without fastener. Without looks a bit cleaner. Molding for window would provide anchor at top but not sure about bottom. Is it just adhesive? Tips would be appreciated. Thanks Rod
  17. Have two specials, one with the hole fhru the drive the wiper arm fits on ant the other is 10-32 threads. Have the converters for wiper arm which I believe to be Anco Super Service adjustable. Bought arms from Bob's long ago and they do not fit. They I think are supposed to fit the wiper transmission with the 10-32 thread and takes the wiper nut, which I do have. Does anyone have simple solution as to what wiper arm fits the transmission of the 36 model 40. Any help appreciated. Rod
  18. interested in the two supports which go from behind back seat close to middle, connected to metal rail above floorboard going at about a 45 degree angle to the wood support just behind the fixed window behind vent window. Brackets on each end to attach to the wood. If you could send photos and price would appreciate it. Thanks Rod
  19. Certainly my intent was not to disparage but was a compliment. I an sorry if offensive. Do hope you have success in finding as often those odd pieces are the most difficult to locate.. I would think Dave would be a good source. Rod
  20. I bought this car in pieces--the former owner was a pharmacist and had everything small in pill bottles. Did find the tag last nite, forgot to make note of number but pretty sure first number was a 2 and not 3 so and think it was 28...... Oh well still not for sure of body # but do know frame and engine as well as certain of all but one numb er of body.
  21. That's what you get when you have those high end cars--never seen before and what a cool touch. Good luck finding-I would assume you have tried Dave Tachney and he is around I talked to him last Friday.
  22. Decided to restore and will not part out. Appreciate the interest.
  23. never thought of doing math to determine the numbers. My other 36 has all tags and legible. It's engine is 4-3158661, Frame is 2991468 and body number 72493. If I do the math that means mine was late production and the 163422 produced and adding the first frame number would mean the frame number would be 2994321, if my math is accurate. It is close but not exact as the frame number is 2991468. Logic may be too simple. I had Automotive Research Services do checks on my 36 and they confirmed the numbers as shown. The engine number of the one I just purchased matches the VIN so pretty confident
  24. I just purchased a 36 model 40 which I believe I will restore. I may part out and have a grill, side mount fenders complete as well as re-chromed hood ornament. The fenders and side mounts are all there with brackets and only one small place needs any body work. If you would like I can send photos of the parts you are interested in and determine if you would like to make me an offer. The chassis of this 36 is all there and the engine has been rebuilt and purrs like a kitten. Brakes and transmission also rebuilt. I am not anxious to sell the car but not sure I am up to restoring another car and
  25. are flippers the rain deflector? About 6 inches in length and 2 inches wide at widest point? Know my restored 36 model 40 has them but not sure I have extra set. I assume you do not know exact dimensions?
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