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  1. I'll give it a shot. On the 36 thee skin is rolleld over the edge of the steel core and not sure it will pop off. interesting as I have used Cambidge custom Chrome in Cambridge, Onttario to do my most recent replating.
  2. Bob Assumed the cost of replating/restoring the caps pretty high and thought I'd just get replacements/repos from Bob's but now see he is out of stock as well as Cars, Inc. If you don't mind could you tell me who did the restoration of your hubcaps and what cost was? I had purchased a set of caps which did not need work but when delivered to my house someone took the liberty of taking them. I have several in pretty good shape with a few dings which I do think can be restored. Thanks Rod
  3. Thanks. Ever tried to have replated? Seems as if wouldn't be practical as no way to get out dings/dents because of wrapping.
  4. Always thought the 36 hubcaps were steel body with stainless wrap and the imprint of Buick and the decorative recessed strips. Took one of the old hupcaps and thought I would see what I could do to bring the stainless back to a shine and found with minimal sanding the silver was removed and gold color on metal. Is it a brass undercoating and was it chromed? Just curious as all my original hubcaps are pretty dinged and having the metal backing not too easy to get the dings out. Purchase 4 of the reproductions which look really good but they do not have steel backing and not nearly as sturdy.
  5. Tom Have you installed? Those don't look anything like the ones that are original but with the spring wire looks as if they may be better than the originals. Only issue I see is if the stud fits in the hole in the running board. Being #12 I would think they would. The originals on mine had a clip that inserted withing the stainless trim and then you twisted the part that stuck thru the running board mounting holes. The same thing Greg is describing. Rod
  6. The ranger radio had option for speaker mounted just behind the windshield in headliner as you describe. Believe the speaker was a bit smaller than when mounted on firewall. Two speakers available and one mounted as you saw and the other in the middle of the firewall. Most I have seen are mounted on firewall. The master was only available with the speaker within the case which housed the tubes. If you would like photos of the units let me know. My car is in shop, equipped with Ranger, but found attached photo to show placement of speaker-radio pictured is the Ranger. Good luck with the negoti
  7. Have Ranger and Master radios I am going to sell. Have chassis and speakers for both but do not have the radio heads. I have powered up both and all tubes light up-get power-but have no way to test the tubes to see if otherwise good. Both speakers make sound but again can't check if totally functional. The master has the speaker mounted within the chassis/where the tubes are and the Ranger has exterior speaker for mounting on the firewall. Asking $250 plus shipping for each plus shipping. Both appear in good condition for their age and did not post photos until gauge if any interest. If intere
  8. I have one each-ranger and master radios which I am going to sell. Wanted to see if any interest here before listing on ebay. Have described on buy/sell forum for further info. Rod
  9. kinda funny--had Merritt's website opened as I opened this and saw your message. If you don't mind let me know how the clips fit and if any problem. I too had some clips that were too wide and actually tried grinding off a little on sides to make them fit. I got some clips from restoration specialty and ebay but none seemed to be a really good fit. Either too wide or not wide enough. Seemed strange because not that much difference in width of clips. Rod
  10. I agree re purchasing aluminum--I didn't want either. The ones I received from Merritt looked good and were identical to the beaten up ones I had--they were beyond saving. The only difference was the gap ;on the back side was a little larger than original and the clips had tendency to slip thru the opening. I purchased several different clips to try and make the fit a little more snug and worked pretty well altho have one clip which is loose. When I order next set from Merritt am going to purchase a set of his clips and see if the work. Thanks for response--i didn't know of a different sour
  11. Don't mean to hijack thread but where did you get the running board trim. I bought from Max Merrit several years ago but don't know if he still has and need another set. FYI-I too purchased a abs pad but unfortunately when I installed tightened it a bit too much and it cracked at top. Not really noticeable but irritating. I've kept the firewall pads I have and will use on the other 36 I'm working on. Thanks Rod
  12. Greg Looks great. Nice job putting it bock together. Rod
  13. Leif Appreciate your looking that up for me. I will post picture and most likely post on the sell forum begore going to our favorite marketplace as I have no use for the gauge. Don't know what fair price would be and certainly photo would show condition and confirm if indeed NOS as I expect. Thanks again Rod
  14. Have 36 Buick and recently acquired some gauges and with it was a NOS water temperature gauge with numbers 1512013 and 1512014 on the dial of the gauge. These were at top of gauge face. There are three dots on the face to indicate water temp-no numbers. Has the capillary tube with bulb on the end to install in block. My master parts catalog stops with 1941. Believe it to be late 40s early 50s, Anyone identify this mystery part? Thanks Rod
  15. Appreciate all the replies. Not sure what the problem was but the car now starts and restarts after being at operating temperature. They think may be carburetor problem but that makes no sense to me. I wasn't clear in initial post but the car would start right up and after reaching operating temperature it would not restart without cooling down. Thanks again for the help. Rod
  16. My 36 model 40 at shop--I am not much of a mechanic. Wanted everything tested before taking grandkid out for a drive. Problem developed-car seems to start without issue but after warming up and then turning off it won't restart. I"m told a whirring sound, if that's a word, coming from starter. I've given them a spare starter but haven't heard back. We discussed an additional ground to the block as that was a suspected problem. Anyone have a suggestion or encountered similar problem? Appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Rod
  17. Anyone have or know of parts for both Ranger and Master 1936 Buick radios? I picked up several boxes with tubes and need heads for both together with the chrome face plates. Also the knobs and chrome pieces which go under knobs for bass and tuning. Thanks Rod
  18. just picked up some radios for 1936 buick. Have both Ranger and Master but no head or chrome face plate for the master. Haven't received as yet but would like to know if anyone knows of face plate or head for sale. Assume Dave Tachney doesn't have but will check. Any help would be much appreciated. Checked with Dave and he does not have any. Rod
  19. Did you check with Max Merritt:? Link http://www.maxmerrittauto.com/showpage.php?page=body-molding.htm i got molding for my 36 special from him.
  20. Have you ever looked on the V8Buick forums? They have them for sale frequently. http://www.v8buick.com/forumdisplay.php?44-Parts-for-sale I didn't search but have seen both the scoops, the chrome and the striped inserts. Hope you find some. Rod
  21. Greg Sent photos let me know if you don't receive. On one of the pads I placed a foam backing with foil jute/under the foam. The other I simply placed a muslin fabric over the horsehair to keep it from further deteriorating. I have not finished the most recent but intend to spray paint with the SEM interior paint. Let me know if you need additional photos or have any questions. Rod
  22. Greg I'll get a some photos this weekend and forward. Do you want me to send to you or post on this message board? Probably better to your email account so you can enlarge etc may be easier. If so Please forward your email address as I have misplaced it. Rod
  23. Gregg I have two firewall pads-one of which I have "restored" and the other is untouched but in pretty good shape. Let me know if you would like photos and I would be willing to let you borrow either one for your repair. I actually bought an abs replacement which I used on my mostly restored 36 Special. I intend to use one of the two on the more recent 36 Special which I am presently working on. If you would like photos let me know and I will provide. Rod
  24. Thanks for the info, Appreciate the help. Rod
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