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  1. Can anyone please give me the phone number for Romar I have lost it and need to order parts..Thanks!
  2. Romar has the right fan belt you is the number for Romar Inc they specialize in DB cars.....good luck! Romar Inc. 1-814-827-7601
  3. Romar has the fan belt...their number is 814-827-7601
  4. Try Romar maybe they can help you with running boards... Romar(814)827-7601
  5. Thanks you for the info about Cloyes but I called Romar and guess what they had it and I should have it in a couple of anyone needing a camshaft gear call Romar..
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can get a cam shaft gear for a 1925 DB Business Coupe??? HELP!!!!!
  7. Thanks! I called Romars and got the belt I needed and will be sending my pump to have it rebuilt this site is awsome..........I got the number for Romars on a previous posting by someone else..
  8. Does anybody know where I can get a new water pump and radiator belt for a 1925 business coupe??? please help!!!!
  9. I have a 1925 business coupe it overheated on me and the thermometer is stuck all the way to the top on the moto meter.Does any one know how to bring it back to the bottom???I since put fresh water and fixed the water pump seal but I do not know my temperature...Please help!!!