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  1. Ive been selling many old THINGS that Ive collected over the years and figure its time to clean out a bit. This was a motor vehicle club dubbed the "Pioneer Class" . It is dated Oct 27, 1903 and has a gold foil seal attached. Its in perfect shape and protected in a frame with glass. The certificate was issued to a Fred W. Hubbard. The club was incorporated in NY, NY I would think this is as early of a motor vehicle club as there was. A neat piece to hang next to your London to Brighten auto. It should be worth $85.00 post paid. Mike West 585 738 1541 Thank you.
  2. I am trying to ID a unknown to me chassis. Its been suggested it may be 1924 and up Buick. Please take a look and see if you can identify this chassis. It may of been cut off on the back end. Thank you Mike
  3. Greg I agree ,. The motor is in the barn and not even sure from the pictures it belongs to this chassis. The front brakes suggests 1920s. Te size of the frame rails looks like 4-5 nch in height. The chassis looks modified for sure. I haven't seen it in person.
  4. Joe It looks great . One suggestion... Where the pump bolts to the case , soften up the corners to match the case. (radius the corners) ,this will make it look more period. Great job buddy.. Mike
  5. The motor should be a dead giveaway but it looks not familiar to me either?
  6. Can anyone ID this chassis?? Mike West 585 738 1541
  7. Ok , can anyone ID the vintage and make of this chassis? Im guessing its about mid to upper teens. Thank you! Mike West 585 738 1541
  8. Kean I have many side and lock rings surplus to my needs. No 28 inch but some 25 and 26 inch . The larger rings are easy to resize down one size.... Mike Send me a private email.
  9. Ill look at my Franklin switch plate covers.
  10. Here it is a 1915 National V 12. When it was here in NY it showed a bit over 3000 miles. I was told it started and ran like BRAND NEW!
  11. Layden . That's the hearse that came from Dansville NY near my home. Im trying to find a picture of it so I can post it.
  12. Ed , Ive reused Model A Ford head gaskets before also. These Auburn gaskets are quite pricey new . I myself never did the freeze thing, just repeating what my dear old dad said.
  13. Mark there was a HUGE National hearse in the next town over that had a V12 in it. Im not sure of the year but thinking teens. There was also a Reo Speedwagon hearse that had a Champion Wagon Works carved body on it that I bought. They were stable mates in a funeral home down in the southern tier NY . The were owned by Harold Gilbert and Walt Benedict from Canisteo NY. Both vehicles are restored today and in the hands of funeral home directors. I would search (ask around) in the Professional Car Society cubs. Its a well known treasure ... Mike West
  14. Norm, That's a SUPER nice truck. I love the Ford Flathead motor. Who was its original owner? Firehouse? Mike
  15. Never say NOBODY..... Used car dealers are some of my favorite people !
  16. Im cleaning out some drawers in my roll top desk. Check out these goodies and email me for more info .This 1910 pin is a real gem . It was a tour from Maple City Mich. to Detroit Mich. It was 365 miles each way in 1910. Quite a tour!! Guaranteed old and authentic. all the other items are old and priced to sell. Mike 585 738 1541 thank you!
  17. Im cleaning out my old roll top desk of goodies Ive saved for years .Check back for more listings . Here is a very neat antique coil purse that resembles a chauffeurs cap. Its aprox.3 inches around. It opens up on the bottom to hold change. Ive put some tissue in it to show the top in the extended look. $75.00 includes the shipping . Ive never seen another one . Mike West 585 738 1541
  18. ME TOO.. Ive had Auburns. 1931 sedan 32 sedan and a 32 Phaeton sedan. Neat cars and run great but they are not the quality of the Chrysler. (In my opinion)
  19. Mercer09 , If you are referring to the cream 31 Auburn with plum colored fenders listed at $ 38,500 on this forum what do you think that car has over this Chrysler? Im curious?
  20. Here are two used head gaskets that could be used if needed. They are straight and the asbestos are all in tact. My dad used to soak them in water and then freeze in the chest freezer. Use Key Graphite past on both sides and all is good. $25.00 plus postage each. Mike West 585 738 1541
  21. The extra low-low seems unnecessary today in most cases. I have a 1929 Franklin Roadster that when its full of people front and back and I get caught at the light in Lakeville near home I always use it. The light is at the base of a 10% grade and starting out in regular low makes the old girl grown a bit. The gearbox is a Warner T-77 with low low all to the left and down. Regular low is right next door under reverse. I can take the motor up to speed and shift right into regular low like cutting butter with a hot knife. Its a sweet gearbox... But getting back to the reason WHY many cars had them back in the day is MUD. The roads were lousy and imagine churning along on a muddy soft road. What gear would you use? LOW- LOW . I'm sure. This is my guess....
  22. Ill pay $200 for the pair if interested. Thank you.