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  1. Where are You located ? Would you be interested in a offer for less? Mike
  2. Well it wasnt a Packard.but a Franklin. My 1930 147 sedan ,a 7 pass long wheelbase car ,with a stock 100 hp air-cooled 6 will run 80 mph without hurting it. Dont get wrong,everthing is VERY BUSY under the hood,but Ive done it. The 1930-32 Franklins are in my opinion the greatest driving common mans classic on the road.Lots of power,speed, 4 wheel juice brakes,and light steering. No worries of over heating,belts,hoses or radiator problems....A franklin setup correctly doesnt care what the temperature is outside,hot or cold.
  3. The trunk has been sold.Thank you for looking !
  4. I also have 3 trunk rack brackets for a 32 coupe..a pair and a singles .They appear to serve a double function as a trunk rack support and rear bumper backer bar clamp. $50.00 each Mike 585 738 1541
  5. The length is 36,height is 20 and width is 18. The chrome is acually very nice. I dont think the chrome would need replating unless you were going to install on a very high point car. Im firm on the $100 but free delivery to the Penn shows or DUNKIRK NY in the spring. 585 738 1541
  6. New price is $100.00 I need the room in my garage. No fee for boxing,just pay the postage or FREE delivery to Hershey or Carlyle spring or fall meet. [PHP][PHP]
  7. I have a pile of these magazines in binders going back to the 1970s .You must pick them up. I will not ship. Contact Mike at mwest729@aol.com
  8. I am finishing the restoration of the earliest known Jordan to exist. It is a 2 Pass SPORT ROADSTER with 72 spoke Houke wire wheels. The wheels have been completly rebuilt by Coker including new rims,lock rings spokes and nipples.The car is painted maroon with a ivory chassis.The interior is blaclk leather.I am finishing the car now and is avalable as-is or done. Cantact Mike at mwest729@aol.com I can email you pictures and more information. Thank You Mike
  9. I sold my 32 Master 8 many years ago. I have the remains of a transmission,(no cover) 2- stone guard pointed studs that hold guard tight to rad shell,and a few luggage rack crows foot studs that hold the strips to rack. All reasonible . mwest729@aol.com
  10. I have the complete setup for a 30-31 Hudson 8 sidemount spare tire lock/arm/and correct bolt that engages the fender. No key but all nice including the dust cover on lock housing . Price $150.00 plus $10.00 shipping in USA Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  11. I have a decent trunk with the Packard logo on it.The chrome is nice on latches and all are present. The fabric is also presentible for a driver car. The inside is nice. No luggage. Price is $135.00 plus shipping. Mike 585 738 1541 email me your email to mwest729@aol.com and ill send you photos. I cant seem to load pics to this site.The error message says my pics are to large?? HELP? Mike West Livonia NY
  12. Please call me regarding the parts . Im very interested in a package deal and can pickup at your location. Mike West 585 738 1541 Thank you
  13. Ive seen the truck guys Its a good one.......If you want a clean project see this guy.It will not last long.Mike
  14. I have a group of early ACD newsletters that I want to sell They are in groups by year starting in the 1950s. Eamil me what you need for a reasonible price. mwest729@aol.com Thank You Mike
  15. I know a guy that will buy it now at your location .$1500
  16. The piece I have is the long triangular piece that is mid way down on door.
  17. Harold ,dont go to the bank betting on what appears to have been sold by any dealer.These Murry bodied Hudsons are rare but so are the buyers for #s like you are talking. Are you interested in any trades?Thank you Mike
  18. This molding is NOS and is new from dealership that closed 20 yearsago. $100.00 Mike 585 738 1541
  19. For sale 1931 Hudson 8 bakelight trim that goes in center of steering wheel. $40.00 Mike 585 738 1541
  20. NOS from dealership in Livonia NY some perfect some have minor damage,priced very resonable.Mike 585 738 1541
  21. I cleaned out a old dealership in Livonia NY and have just found NOS color folders on 1939 and 1940 PLMOTHS and CHRYSLERS . Some are perfect some have some minor defects(very minor) All reasonable Mike 585 738 1541
  22. My Dad had a car painted a 50s BLACK CHERRY that was a dark almost purple marroon and I would like to know if there is a modern paint mix # for it . He wants his current restoration that color. Can anyone help?
  23. I need a price on getting car from Washington state back east. Car weighes about 3000 lbs and can be hauled open.Not restored or pretty .
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