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  1. Joe What is your phone #? Mine is 585 738 1541 I have some 4 cyl extras Mike
  2. Griffdaddy, Please give me a call on the stude Im interested Mike 5857381541 thankyou
  3. The engine will be restored and put in my collection until i find the right "fit" for it. Its a wonderful, original piece and Im lucky that my friend Jim Huffman retrieved it from a mile underground in a abandoned gold mine 25 years ago. Ill be reporting the whole story soon ................ mike
  4. Jeurgon Auburn parts are not a big problem ,but pricey....What is missing from the car??Mike
  5. Mike I am interested in your car. Please send me some pics to mwest729@aol.com/ My truck and trailer is going to be 40 miles west of Chicago next week.Thank you Mike West 5857381541
  6. Jim ,The pleasure is all mine..... I am thankfull you waited for me to get west and pick this beautifull engine up. It is getting a good home . Thanks again Mike
  7. Im starting the restoration of a 1910 Mitchell model s 6 cly touring. What parts are out there for sale? Please email Mike @ mwest729@aol.com I have some parts for trading .. Thank you Mike 585 738 1541
  8. Do you still need car moved?? mwest729@aol.com
  9. Yes I agree PACKARD ........NOT AUBURN .
  10. Ron I have a pale full of the old style screw on pullers Ill look for the one you have requested.Other wise just go to a machine shop They will make you one ,quit easy Mike
  11. Here are a few shots of my roadster. The car is nearing completion and is available for purchase. This is the earliest known Jordan . Mike 585738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  12. There are 4 26 inch rims on ebay right now.No money on them....$36.00 last I saw Mike
  13. I could move it on a open trailer if it was shrink wrapped. Im going from rochester NY to Scottsdale AZ . mwest729@aol.com
  14. The guages themselves(not the surround) look like 35-36 Auburn from here...
  15. Hi Steve ,I sent you a email .I need the make and model of the trans for your 1932. Mike
  16. I would purchace for a keepsake if you decide to sell. mwest729@aol.com
  17. There is a set on Ebay now at NO RESERVE
  18. Livonia, NY - 30 miles SOUTH of Rochester NY
  19. Jack, Thank you for the kind words.When you decide what you want for the wheels ,I may be interested. I guess it always puzzles me when anyone is selling something, that they dont know what they want for it. When I sell a car or part I do my research FIRST and then place a ad. Its really quite simply. Again Im interested when you get it all figured out . Thank You Mike
  20. So Jack what is the price on the wheels? Are you running a auction? Thank you Mike
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