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  1. He must be embarassed how much he has in it. .... It blows my mind that someone would go to the effort to list all the improvements and pictures and not put a price...... How much???????????????$$$$$$$$$$???????????
  2. Joe What is your phone #? Mine is 585 738 1541 I have some 4 cyl extras Mike
  3. Griffdaddy, Please give me a call on the stude Im interested Mike 5857381541 thankyou
  4. The engine will be restored and put in my collection until i find the right "fit" for it. Its a wonderful, original piece and Im lucky that my friend Jim Huffman retrieved it from a mile underground in a abandoned gold mine 25 years ago. Ill be reporting the whole story soon ................ mike
  5. Jeurgon Auburn parts are not a big problem ,but pricey....What is missing from the car??Mike
  6. Mike I am interested in your car. Please send me some pics to mwest729@aol.com/ My truck and trailer is going to be 40 miles west of Chicago next week.Thank you Mike West 5857381541
  7. Jim ,The pleasure is all mine..... I am thankfull you waited for me to get west and pick this beautifull engine up. It is getting a good home . Thanks again Mike
  8. Im starting the restoration of a 1910 Mitchell model s 6 cly touring. What parts are out there for sale? Please email Mike @ mwest729@aol.com I have some parts for trading .. Thank you Mike 585 738 1541
  9. Do you still need car moved?? mwest729@aol.com
  10. Yes I agree PACKARD ........NOT AUBURN .
  11. Ron I have a pale full of the old style screw on pullers Ill look for the one you have requested.Other wise just go to a machine shop They will make you one ,quit easy Mike
  12. Here are a few shots of my roadster. The car is nearing completion and is available for purchase. This is the earliest known Jordan . Mike 585738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  13. There are 4 26 inch rims on ebay right now.No money on them....$36.00 last I saw Mike
  14. I could move it on a open trailer if it was shrink wrapped. Im going from rochester NY to Scottsdale AZ . mwest729@aol.com
  15. The guages themselves(not the surround) look like 35-36 Auburn from here...
  16. Hi Steve ,I sent you a email .I need the make and model of the trans for your 1932. Mike
  17. I would purchace for a keepsake if you decide to sell. mwest729@aol.com
  18. There is a set on Ebay now at NO RESERVE
  19. Livonia, NY - 30 miles SOUTH of Rochester NY
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