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  1. For auction rust free 51 Super convertible on EBAY Low reserve has been met... Search 1951 Buick Super convertible and see the auction.
  2. Wanted a 6 cyl timer for a early car with both battery and magneto ignition. Make not a concern. Email mwest729@aol.com or call 585 738 1541 Thank you
  3. Jerry Contact the Franklin club . They have a supplier for certain models with 14 inch drums.
  4. I need a 6cyl timer for a 1910 project ,anyone having one please contact Mike 585 738 1541 Thank you
  5. Bob ,I think "one could read anything they wanted into that statement".But I also think you are right on about the frame improvement. Mike
  6. Gentlemen, Thank you for your efforts ! I appreciate your time and responce. Thank you, Michael West
  7. Can you tell me what this rear was originally fitted too?? year and make?? Mike
  8. Does anyone reading this have any information on the operation/adjustment on a Hele-Shaw clutch unit made in the early teens ,used in a FWD truck?Id appreciate anything you have to offer. Thank you Mike
  9. Ill take th e tire and get at Hershey Please email me where to send the $20.00 to and your Hershey space. Thank you Michael West NY 585 738 1541
  10. Bill Ill take the generator ,please send a picture to mwest729@aol.com Thank you Mike
  11. Still looking too other Mitchell owners of 1909-12 cars that may help 2 new members out with the dimentions and a clear photo of the brass serial # tag so we can get tags made for our cars . We are working on two 1910 Model Ts and a 1910 Model S .. We can make extras if we get the artwork we need. Please email me at mwest729@aol.com Thank you! Mike West
  12. Check out the new post on the Horseless carriage or what is it on this site for 1913 engine
  13. Here is a early engine I bought at a farm sale. It has a place for a timer on the rear like a Selden did. I have a flywheel and cone clutch also. The port plugs are probably in the barn I will go back and see. There are no breaks or welds. Any ideas what it may fit?The outside diameter at just above the base of the clys is 4.750. That leads me to believe the bore is at least 4.00 and as big as 4.250. Mike 5857381541
  14. Ed what size is the piping and what are the hole sizes in the flanges and spacing center to center? Mike
  15. Here is a early Continental engine that I bought at a farm sale. Does anyone have any information on it and what it may have been for? I measured the outside of the clys just above the base and it measures 4.750 .Makes believe the bore would be aprox 4.00 or 4.250. The engine has a place for a timer out the back like the Selden used.Thank you Mike West 5857381541 see pictures....
  16. Please send me more pictures im a buyer Hiw much rust out is there In floors? Is the car complete? mike 585 738 1541 thank you
  17. Does anyone have a picture of a early MITCHELL brass data/serial # tag? If I can get the dimentionbs and a good photo I can have one acid etched made. Mike
  18. He must be embarassed how much he has in it. .... It blows my mind that someone would go to the effort to list all the improvements and pictures and not put a price...... How much???????????????$$$$$$$$$$???????????
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