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  1. Selling a few extras I have a 1932 Auburn. #1 - Potter trunk- The correct one as shown in the Acc. Catalog 37 inches long with drop down front , chrome bands, and pine cone looking verticle hinges on the front. Will need restoration but straight , solid and complete. $650.00 plus shipping #2 - Correct gas cap with show chrome . These are very scarce and hard to find. $200.00 Shipping included. Pictures on request. Michael West 100 West ave Livonia NY 14487 mawest729@gmail.com 585 738 1541
  2. David, Thanks for the info. Mike
  3. mikewest

    1929 135 SEDAN

    No happiness left...
  4. Can anyone tell me who owns this 31 ,153 convertible?
  5. I can email them to anyone that is interested. Ive sent them twice to keiser and don't know why he doesn't get them. Please email me your direct email. Mike
  6. I received one from Calf. just like new! Thank you Fred!
  7. Im missing one of the rectangular bumper center clamps for my 137. It clamps the 2 bumper bars against the dog bone spacer to the bumper backer bar. It is a stamping. Please email or call. Thank you Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  8. Tom, I have 2 of them that measure like you state in the add. One is from the speedster and the other is from a 153 I have. Ill be glad to loan you one until you find to buy. These both have the fine spline that the rear joint flange bolts into the tube. One is like new ready to install and one is crusty.... Let me know . Mike
  9. They made a cover for the 29-137 sport touring that fit like a glove and one for a 163 convertible coupe.
  10. Frank , Google CALIFORNIA CAR COVER. They are great covers. One size does not fit all. They have a form you can download and you fill in the requested measurements and they make you the cover. For a inside storage cover Ive bought 2 of the "Plushweave Flannel 100 % Cotton " covers. Ive been totally satisfied. They will make allowances for the side mounts and even side mount mirrors. The price is from $210- $400. They are very well made an fit.
  11. Steve , The bumper backer bars can be welded at any good welding shop as they are spring steel they will need to be done properly. These aren't a big deal. I believe I have everything else on your list . Mike 585 738 1541
  12. Steve, It looks like a NICE original car! It looks complete. Even the chrome from here looks great! How many miles does the speedo show?? You should seriously consider pulling the oil pan and cleaning out the bottom before you try and start, Check make sure all valves are free. Nice find....Wire wheels and all...
  13. The car is still for sale. Ive saved if for a young man that has just told me isn't going to be able to pay for it. Call if interested. Thank you Mike
  14. John, I misunderstood what you were looking for .I thought you needed sill plates. Never got to PA, the guy came here. Your pile is sitting in the corner. You said maybe when you came to Trek you would stop. I will see if I can find a cheap hitch to get the parts to you unless you want to come visit.
  15. John , are they brass nickel plated flat stock with a 90 deg bend? Mike
  16. The new oversized wheel cylinders I bought from NAPA had a knob on the cylinder that required to be turned off so the dowl head pins would set in the piston correctly. Wasn't a big deal, just one more step.
  17. Chuck, Does the phrase "Misery loves company" apply here ?? Mike
  18. Chuck Spin length of pins down in lathe. I had to do the same on my 32 convertible. Mike
  19. A friend restoring his 1929 135 Victoria Brm has asked me to help machine him new body wood sills . His car isn't apart yet , I thought I would throw this out to the members and see if anyone has saved any old wood for patterns. Please email me if you can help. Thanks Mike 585 738 1541
  20. Yes I did . Ill forward them again. Thank you Mike
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