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  1. Box found at a defunct dealership Its been in the attic 75 years Email for pics and price Mike West 30 miles south of Rochester NY 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com The box is perfect conditio right down to the chains on the tailgate with the rubber hose on them to protect the paint. Still has original shiney black paint . Not a better one anywhere, I have literature on this box . Free delivery to fall shows in PA .
  2. I have a NOS slide in pickup box for the Chevrolet coupe. Its located in Livonia NY .If interested contact Mike West . It was in dry attic storage 75 years at a local Chevrolet dealership. I have pics . 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  3. I have a new old stock slide in p/u box for sale for a what I think is 1937-38 Chevrolet. Mike West 585 738 1541
  4. Please send the pics and price to mwest729@aol.com please include inventory list Thanks Mike
  5. Hi Bob, If you need a complete box,you might check with Bob Cornman.He took apart a 137. I have a "parts box" that I used 2nd gear out of itif I remember correctly. The case ,and remaining gears are in the garage. If there is a piece you are looking for email me a picture and you are welcome to it . Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  6. Im going to foundry next week and will take with me a 1932 163 tailight stand and the hood front script . I have a few contacts that want them and will have 6 of each cast in yellow brass. If interested in either item drop me a note . Thank you Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  7. Martin , send me a private email . mawest729@gmail.com I have crankhole covers(originals) 1930 fender lights and no 1930 tail light. I might have a 30 arm. Mike
  8. Steve I dont have a extra, I can lend you one for copy or I can send out and getv some done in brass with a core . Do you think there is a demand for these?nMike
  9. I agree, whatnis a reasonible offer??? It may be $500.00-$5000.00. What a lot of sellers dont know,is if some of these basket cases were given away and the car recieved a PROPER restoration,the owner would be upside down in the car. I never could understand a seller bragging that he is offering a car for sale and is going to take a HUGE LOSS> I know it happens ,but not with me. The seller knows how much he has in these parts and knows what he would accept. Why not just say what that # is and not waste buyers time.... Maybe Im old fashioned but if anyone asks me "HOW MUCH?" he is going to get a number.
  10. I have a few and will get more with a list of what is missing . Also The car is a deluxe 740 ,NOT a 745 my mistake .There is also a 840 roadster in the garage but owner on the fence about selling at this time. The pics I have are too large to upload so if you send me a email Ill send direct! Mike
  11. Selling a 745 deluxe phaeton for my friend in Florida. Car needs complete restoration,wood is bad and body panels need repair. Chassis is together. $17500.00 Contact Mike at mawest729@gmail.com or call at 585 738 1541
  12. Steve no there is no difference Ilooked at my 32 convert.and they are the same. Ill look Sat Mike
  13. Steve I may Ill look this weekend Left side right? Mike
  14. mikewest

    lets talk cars!

    The 30 engine in my opinion is the runs the best. The cam grind is a bit hotter...But all in all the 32 airman has all the goods... My vote is 32 as best!
  15. Hi Steve, I was in your neck of the woods a few days ago and picked up the Sears TK had . He is a nice man and a good chef. He had kind words for you and your dad. Mike
  16. Phil If I had a GOOD bumper ,even needing plating ,I would want $150-200. Mike
  17. Phil, Sorry I havent ever had any trimmings for a Olympic. I have a few contacts ,Ill ask. Mike
  18. Please send me a pic of the Mitchell caps you have for sale with ID measurements {brass only} Thank you Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  19. Selling a good supply of 1929-32 Franklin parts including but not limited to fenders,splash aprons,hoods,hood fronts,29-30 front spash apron,gas tank apron,bumpers and brackets,gas tanks,spring sets,headlights w/lenses,tall distributors ,motors,trans,prop shafts,sidemount hardeware,147 frame,lighters,crankhole covers,running board apron lights,air cleaners,and much more.. Ive knocked MANY Franklins in the head that werent worthy of restoration to help owners/restorers put their cars on the road... Mike West 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  20. Im selling a clean original paint Potter trunk and matching trunk rack removed from a 1930 147 sedan. This trunk is 32 inches wide and fits the rack perfect. Its important when puttin a trunk on a classic car the chest "fits the rack". Potter is a high quality trunk that were used on high quality cars like Franklins,Auburns,L29 Cords and others. I have pictures that I can email. The trunk is in very good condition.It is steel construction over wood framework.Mike West 585 738 1541 Price $500.00 Shipping by Fedex
  21. Im looking for Mitchell and Michigan hubcaps. I can send photos if you have any for the correct size. Mike