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  1. I am going to have a 1911 Maxwell Model I to sell soon for a friend of mine. The car has had the motor rebuilt and a starter installed. Email me at mwest729@aol.com if interesetd. Ill send pics. Mike
  2. I recently bought a 1932 Franklin from a gargage in Springfield Mass. The car was sold by a FRANK COOKE in 1970 to Ralph Cheatham in West Springfield Mass.Cooke signed a reciept that indicated he was a Rolls Royce dealer of such. It was sold to Cheatham as a 1930 and to me also sight unseen.. When I got there the next day it turned out to be a 1932 -163. I was trying to find some information about the men and the car as Im always a bit curious. The car is a original paint rear spare sedan, with wood wheels with large snap on caos like the wire wheels used. Thank you Mike
  3. Im working on a Mitchell car that uses 28 inch wheels If you are interested in selling ,I would like a few better pictures.I cant tell if you have 2 or 4 . Mike 585 738 1541 ny
  4. Im looking for a set of rear DB springs .Mike 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com Thank you
  5. I have a brass Ford T radiator that looks good. $100.00 Mike West 585 738 1541
  6. I have front and rear fenders for a 1937 Century .All very good or fixible !! Also trunk lid with light and good glass lenses. $100.00 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com NON SIDEMOUNTED! 30 miles south of Rochester NY No shipping.
  7. I have good front fenders arear fenders various condition from good to fair . They are for the Deluxe model 1939 . Located 30 miles south of Rochester NY Mike 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com $50.00-100.00$ each They must go.........
  8. I have 2 decent non sidemounted fenders ,a trunk lid with light that must go Located 30 miles south of Rochester NY . $100.00 Mike 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  9. Looking for a project car or a old restored car for my dad .All considered /will come to look. Call Bud West 585 746 1963 or Mike 585 738 1541 LIVONIA , NEW YORK
  10. Wanted any or all Michigan parts you may have . I know this ad is a longshot, but what the heck..........Thank you Mike West 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  11. Im looking for Michigan 40 parts for a car that I just aquired. Please contact me with anything you have or know of surplus to your needs. Thank you Mike West 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  12. I have a early Weston Mott rear axle assembly on Ebay for sale . See ad for details Item # 360504227. It came with some other early parts that I just aquired. If anyone can tell me what it may fit,Ill add it to the ad. Thank you Mike 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com
  13. Wanted a Franklin for restoration .My dad is looking for a project car to rebuild this winter. He will consider all years but prefers 1929-1934.any body style. Please contact Mike or Bud West Livonia NY 585 738 1541 585 746 1963 Thank you!!
  14. I need a clean drive shaft for a 1947 Cadillac model 62. May be the same as 1946-1949.Must be clean-(not rusted /scaled bad)Mike mwest729@aol.com ,585 738 1541
  15. Please email me pictures of what you have in BRASS hubcaps for MITCHELL Im rebuilding a 1910 S mwest729@aol.com Thanks Mike
  16. Car is on Ebay,unfinished restoration. Reasonible reserve will soon be met .Car is located 30 miles South of Rochester NY Can sit as long as needed as long as paid for within auction terms. Thank you Mike 585 738 1541
  17. Ive listed a 31-833 Packard on Ebay. The restoration was started and now for sale. The owner cant finish . Health issues .........He has asked me to help sell his cars ,will be listing this week a 1927 Cad. 314 custom series 7 Pass touring . Very fair reserves Cars are in NY 30 miles south of Rochester NY Mike 585 738 1541
  18. Im selling a 1933 Packard convertible coupe. The chassis was restored. Body needs new wood .Car is not complete but a great start to a open Packard . $20,000.00 Mike 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com trades considered. !!!Can email pics ,please contact me with your email address.
  19. Original car partially disassembled for restoration. 55 000 miles no rust ...still has original paint in rear fender wheels. Many new parts ,some new chrome done. car runs good.Original interior still intact . Automatic trans. Located it Livonia NY 14487 Contact Mike at mwest729@aol.com $25000.00 I have pics. Thank you
  20. I need a drive shaft for a 1947 Cadillac , model 62 hopefully close to upstate NY Mike 585 738 1541 mwest729@aol.com Thank you!