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  1. Wanted a trunk in good condition or a trunk that can provide the hardware needed for a Speedster, Victoria, or Club Sedan. I can build the wood structure from the factory drawings, but hoping to buy a donor truck for the trim and hardware. See the PDF in this post. Thank you, Mike 585 738 154143164 TRUNK.pdf
  2. Switches Sold Out last one going to Al Capone...... I didn't know he drove a FRANKLIN>>>>
  3. Hi Wayne , I missed this post. These switches are 2 contact NOS (period) and absolutely correct. Here is a photo. Ive sold several and may have only 1 left. The outside barrel OD is 1 inch I believe but do know it fit my 31,32 and 33 Franklins perfectly. I can check this size if you are still interested. Mike
  4. Send your pattern to NC Industries Antique Car Parts Sayre PA (Google their web page) Talk with Kevin- the owner. They are wonderful and very affordable. They have made 3 windshield frames and many side window frames for me in the past. The workman ship is very good. I always make send the pattern in a box large enough for the return trip of the new frame as well. He makes all make frames A-Z ! Mike
  5. Merry Christmas to all! I need gauges for this Packard as someone in the past replaced them with 1950s SW units . I have the original dash panel. The Franklin service truck is a 1933 16B Airman.
  6. Take a look at Chicago Craigslist. There is a decent looking 33 with sidemounts for sale. Price is a bit tall , but make a offer!
  7. $500-700 They are the best carburetor for the 1929 Franklins.
  8. My 29 has a T-77 4/speed. Whoever installed it,left the 29 emergency brake casting rivoted to the frame. I like the transmission, shifts with ease.
  9. I am selling 4 NOS Clum ignition switches with keys. These are new old stock, not reproduction. They are shown in the Franklin factory drawings # 51211. The face plate that shows when installed has nickel or chrome plating. $100.00 each shipping included. Will post pictures soon. Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  10. I think they are great. The Hudson looks wonderful. Please post a side view shot. In my case the box was made up from ash and irons that were salvaged from a original Franklin sedan body . A nice vehicle was made from a car that was previously damage/altered years ago. I have chrome posts and rails to attach to the top of the box like the period wreckers and service cars had. Mike
  11. Its a very scarce low production car ,but overpriced in my opinion. I know of a wonderful older rstored coupe ,same year and model at 25000
  12. Hi David, I would like to speak with regarding the 37 Ford. I live upstate NY and quite interested. My number is 585 738 1541 Michael West mawest729@gmail.com
  13. Here is one that my dad and I restored . 1933 Franklin AirmanThe truck has a Chrysler overdrive behind the original gearbox with a 18% advantage. The truck was build with the idea what a dealership might of done in the day for a "Service Car".
  14. Hi Barry, he car is not here. If you could email me shots of what you have surplus to your needs I can take a good look. Thanks Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  15. Thank you to everyone for your ideas. Im sure Ill find them now. Mike
  16. I may be able to help. Call me Tuesday and Ill find out from my friend selling his collection of cars and parts. Mike 585 738 1541
  17. Hi helping a friend ,long time member of the Early V8 Ford Club sell some of his goodies due to age. 1942-48 Ford Driveline with a Overdrive installed. 18 % overdrive ,never used like new! $1500. 1946-48 Ford rear end with 3.54 gears , restored. 1946 - 48 Ford inner and outer front fenders -restored ,only need paint $500.00 Sun Distributor machine with attachments including the flathead Ford Dist tooling Good condition $1000.00 K R Wilson Ford Motor stand. Holds the Ford Flatheads as well others $750.00 1952 Ford 4dr sedan Stick Six , clean car New interior and wiring- driver quality pai
  18. Im looking for all the gauges for the 1928 Packard small 6 cyl series car. There were all lost years ago under a different ownership. Mike 585 738 1541
  19. Can anyone recommend a source for the leather straps about 16inches long and 1 inch wide for retaining the sidemount spare tires to the cowl? I used to get from Bernie DeWinter? Thank you, Mike
  20. Does anyone know a good source to buy the black or brown leather straps for the side mount tires in the fenders? I used to get them from Bernie De Winter. There are 1 inch wide with nickel plated buckle. Thank You , Mike
  21. Selling a few extras I have a 1932 Auburn. #1 - Potter trunk- The correct one as shown in the Acc. Catalog 37 inches long with drop down front , chrome bands, and pine cone looking verticle hinges on the front. Will need restoration but straight , solid and complete. $650.00 plus shipping #2 - Correct gas cap with show chrome . These are very scarce and hard to find. $200.00 Shipping included. Pictures on request. Michael West 100 West ave Livonia NY 14487 mawest729@gmail.com 585 738 1541
  22. David, Thanks for the info. Mike
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