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  1. Oddly enough whenever somebody finds old parts they have no idea what they fit they call them MODEL T. I think DB as well.
  2. I love buying cars that are apart.... if its a car you know in side and out. I like Franklins and I can look at one and know in 20 minutes what is there or not. And it saves lots of work taking them apart. They can be bought usually 50 cents on the dollar.
  3. Hi Peter, Did you get my email regarding the rear body section I know of that would be correct for your car? I could help with shipping. Mike
  4. Here is more pics of the truck when in service. Also a shot when it delivered new to fire dept. PRICE LOWERED !
  5. NAPA auto stores has a universal spring that has one long leg that can be cut off and a new curl put on it that looks correct and works great. Ive used them.
  6. Im selling an original 1958 Willys Jeep 1 ton 4x4 Fire Departments "Grass truck" .It was one of 6 made .I have the service records ,build sheet and equipment specs from when made new. The equipment is a 500 gal water tank ,a reel with 100 ft of high pressure hose and under belly pump. All this could be removed and make a super off road or parade vehicle. The truck comes with 2 sets of wheels and tire, the originals with military tires and a set of 12 inch wide mud tires the Fire Co equipped the truck with years later. The truck is running and driving and has a good transferable title . T
  7. I have a deck lid from a 4 dr 80 series and fenders, hood and more . Livonia NY CHEAP!
  8. Chassis has been sold, going to Canada .Still have parts left.
  9. This car would be a good candidate for rebody in my opinion. Like a previous reply, after the cherry's are gone ,there is always the remains that take up a lot of space and little calling. There are a lot of clever body men in the hobby that could make a open car out of this car, not intending to mislead anyone with what they have when done , and have a lot of fun with it. Just my opinion. Wind in your face is fun with a real or reinvented car ! Just my opinion.
  10. The wedge was installed to correct the castor for better drivability, See attached picture. Ive found these on many Franklins and were installed by garages in the day.
  11. The chassis is sold ....Going to Canada. I still have many 26-27 parts to sell . Front and rear fenders, sedan gas tank, sun visor , front folding seat assembly , rear seat springs, splash aprons, engine splash fans, sedan rear side window regulators and steel panels,lights, Ford T jack, and MORE All very good prices!
  12. The bare body has been sold, going to a chop shop..... I have everything else left for a speedster build or but your own body on this restored chassis. Runs great! $3500.00 Mike 585 738 1541
  13. The bare body has been sold to a street rod guy >I Still have everything listed including the fenders, hood and aprons. The new price is $3500.00 for a great start on a speedster. Livonia NY Mike 585 738 1541
  14. Im selling this car body only, chassis with tin for a speedster ,or complete. I have a party that was interested in only the body,so I thought Id through it out there for your consideration. The chassis was restored with a rebuilt motor,new exhaust and tires. The owner passed away and I ended up with the car. I have NY ownership papers needed to put on the road. There is a lot of new and restored parts. Tell me what your are interested in. The car is in Livonia NY call ask for Mike 585 738 1541 Thank you!
  15. I have a 1926 Ford that was taken in partial trade and am selling as a complete car or you can buy the restored /running chassis with fenders , lights, running boards, aprons ect. This will make a gret speedster. The motor was rebuilt at a first class shop and runs well. There are lots of new parts here. The body can be bought separately with all glass and regulators, sun visor ect for $2000.00. Im willing to sell anyway you want to buy it! 585 738 1541 Mike
  16. The rack looks like several I have .If its 32 inches wide ,most likely 1929-31 FRANKLIN.
  17. Here is another shot of the Franklin sedan that was converted to a roadster under the apple tree.
  18. Here is a classic example of a made over Franklin that popped up for sale yesterday ad vertised as a 1932 Roadster. I called the guy and he said it was a "custom bodied car" and had the body builders tag on the cowl. I guessed "Was it Coachcraft" or Body by Walker? He said yes indeed it was. He gave me the serial # that quickly ID ed the car as a cutdown 1931- 153 . The car was owned by Frank Beck in Ill previously but now being sold by another gentleman. He explained the top had been lost some time ago or it never had one. I didn't get the car , but assume it has been sold as today the ad ha
  19. John, What vintage are you looking for? Mike
  20. Hey Tiger, Nice motor.... Its much later than 1904. Id guess more like 1914 .It has a Hele-Shaw mulitiple disc-wet clutch and closed valves. Its most likely from a mid teens truck with a heavy duty clutch like that. Also Cast in pairs helps date it as opposed to cast in singles. Great merchandise! Mike (Im the guy you call as I had a similar motor for sale a few years ago)
  21. Bill, I agree with you. There are many cars in the club that were altered so long ago that most people would know the difference if you showed them. I sold 1931 Dietrich Speedster (closed car) that now sports a aircooled V-12 made from many 6 cyl components. I know of 2 sedans that were cut in the back quarters and a convertible rear section was fabricated to make parade cars. There are several 145 sedans chopped and panels pounded to make Pursuits. How about the made V12 sport touring in AZ? Its a wonderful car , but still a made up machine. There has been a 153 sedan that was modified to
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