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  1. I love free wheeling used in the right road conditions. I had a 1931 Hudson "Greater Eight" and that was the only way the car would reach the speeds Hudson advertised it could achieve when new!  I was on Rt 20 south of Syracuse NY  free wheeling with a Franklin when I was much young and the dam top fabric came loose at almost 80 mph. Im not that brave or stupid anymore  to run like that. Brakes are totally ineffective  at these speeds.

  2. These panels are scarce . They fit the tool box or the battery compartment  on 31-33 large series  cars $150.00 each. The last 2 pictures are a 1931 153 sedan too box. $100.0 I also have splash aprons  for these year cars . If you are running a 32 or a 33 you could add the toolbox with these parts. Also in the first two pictures is the air box cover with proper knob. $125.00 Mike West  585 738 1541


    franklin panels.jpg

    franklin panels 1.jpg

    franklin panels 2.jpg

    franklin panels 3.jpg

  3. I'm selling several 25 "Firestone ( think) lock rings, one side ring an done rim. Also  I have 1 new 27" Stanweld rim , 1  lock ring and 2 reversible side rings that were new about 10 years ago and never used. They were made by Coker Tire Co. rim division at a great expense.  This rim was dimpled for lacing of wire spokes. If the rim was needed for a wood spoke wheel , this dimpled holes could be easily wire welded shut. Will post more pictures  soon.  Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541 reasonable prices.

    wheel rings.jpg

    wheel rings 1.jpg

    wheel rings 2.jpg

    wheel ring 3.jpg

  4. NONE OF THEM RUN ..................Until you get a new battery in it , touch up the points ,  change the oil and fresh gas. Most likely the car only needs a service. I men the seller should be able to tell  the buyer about it. Look at the car , its a Sweet Survivor. Ive dragged home some real shitboxes  that have sat outside for years and a little love and they start up. You can tell this car has had some tender loving care.  If I was serious Id go to the car with a new battery and gas BEFORE  I bought it. Its the same old story . The old boy wants all he can get and the buyer wants to buy wholesale.

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  5. My opinion running $8000-10,000 if it has a decent interior.  It looks like a real nice car. You need to find  that rare breed of collector that doesn't mind running around  at 35mph. Just my opinion....

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  6. 4 hours ago, JV Puleo said:

    I've just a few things to tidy up before I leave. Today I made new gaskets for the inlet and output sides of the pump. These are 1/8" thick, made from a rubber material that is semi-hard. I punched the center hole and then turned the OD on the lathe using the tools I made a few days ago. I get it down to a few thousandths more than the tool and then finish it with sand paper. It's probably a bit over the top but I think messy gaskets really detract from the job.






    Here they are in place on the output side...




    And with both ends assembled.




    I'm not going to bother testing it again since I know it works. The only thing I'd be looking for are leaks and all of the places where it leaked have now been addressed. I also took some pictures of the radiator but I'll post those tonight with the dimensions – which are at home.


    That's a great looking job Joe!

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