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  1. On ‎5‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 6:43 PM, Trulyvintage said:

    You can’t “ rent “ a trailer from a private party.


    Both you and the renter will have no coverage from your insurance companies.


    Both you & the renter will be civilly liable for any claims arising out of your use.


    If you get stopped by law enforcement - the assumption likely will be that you stole the trailer.


    Bad idea .....




    Jim , You are wrong at least here in NY . The trailer is insured by the vehicle towing it. (Have you heard of U-HAUL ) The police don't care who belongs to the trailer if it isn't reported stolen. By chance do you truck old cars for a living?


  2. I have 2 Model A Fords  coming in next week that I took in trade  on a non Ford. 1931 standard roadster - old restored , still looks good  and a 29 P/U  garage fresh all original including seats, paint and equipment. It will be a good survivor piece to have fun with . Ill be posting pictures  soon. Mike West Livonia NY  585 738 1541

  3. If anyone reading this needs a four speed I have both styles  with bell housings. Last winter I removed a Columbia Dual Range rear axle assembly from a 1932 Airman. I was told by the previous owner of 40 years that was put in the car way "Back in the day". At any rate , today the 32 has its proper axle assembly reinstalled.

  4. 20 hours ago, odyssey said:

    Of course the switch is incorporated in the switch at the bottom of the column.  Not sure why I was certain I had seen a remote mounted Autolite relay on another car.  Problem solved.  

    So, how about a correct Autolite generator cutout?


    Interior door handle? 


    Thanks - 

    Tom is the starter switch the style you pull up on the horn button? I restored a 1932 Master 8 and had a master 8 parts car I sold locally .The body was made into a street rod ,but it had its original steering gear in place when I sold it. I will check and see if the steering column has the switch.


  5. Excellent all original Treslite with original glass panels . It has the correct piece that backs up the fender and the chrome loom that goes over the wires. I have more pictures if interested.  Mike West 585 738 1541 $1000.00 includes shipping . I have a building full of Franklin parts 1929-1934. Nothing earlier except a full set of series 10 or 11 doors with handles . Excellent condition doors with glass - cheap....


    treslite 1.jpg

    treslite 2.jpg

  6. 3 hours ago, hwellens said:

    I think the 33 inch for your car is the outside diameter of the tire. Therefore, the 33x4.5 fits a 24 (33-9) inch rim. The 33x4 fits a 25 (33-8) inch rim


  7. 12 hours ago, gossp said:



    A thought concerning the non Imperial 8cyl Chrysler’s. With the CCCA letting virtually everything in now... has anyone taken a recent shot at applying to get them added as full classics?  A few years ago I barely understood why they were not included.... there is now really no reason not to let them in. 

    A ggod argument to accept the CD-8 as a Classic Car of America is a Auburn 8 that is a classic. Auburns are great cars but I dont think on the level of the Chrysler in quality. If Chrysler had made a boatail speedster , they would of been on the CCCA list. (Just my opinion)

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