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  1. I took a tow bar with us on our honeymoon  36 years ago to Florida from NY . About 60 miles from home the tow car cast its withers (timing chain jumped) on interstate 17. I convinced  the new Mrs West to steer the lead car and I shoved us home  with the back car . Yes it bent the bumper  on the car pushing and pissed her off  to the point she considered leaving me, but after bragging what a great job she did, she got over it. I was pushing a  71 Ford LTD "BILL BLASS EDITION" hardtop with a then perfect original 1968 Ford Fairlane fastback red on red. I was quite proud of myself until I had to buy a new  bumper for the Fairlane.   Since then she has pulled, shoved  and winched  well over 100 cars. My dad used to say she must really love you...


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  2. 2 hours ago, JV Puleo said:

    I didn't get much done today. I don't have many local friends but just about all of them chose today to stop by and visit - which isn't a problem since I'm not doing this for a living...actually, when I had my garage I didn't have a telephone there (this was long before cell phones) - my thinking was that people were always welcome to stop in but they'd have to make the effort. A phone would have been a constant distraction. In any case, I did get to drop the gear into the rear axle housing to see how it fit. It fit just about perfectly - better than it did with before I replaced the bearings - another clue to the possibility that the thrust bearings that were in it were not the correct ones.





    It spins effortlessly and there is plenty of room for adjustment and for the seals. I will not have to modify the thrust bearing...

    I didn't slit the aluminum sleeves because some new ideas came to me. One of the advantages to running gear oil in the rear end is that I can eliminate the big grease cups that were mounted on the caps. If the oil level is nearly half way up the gear, it will be above the lower end of the rollers. This also eliminates the need to put a "try cock" in the side to check the level. It's easy enough to take the cover off - although I don't have the correct cover and that is another piece I either have to find or make. The one I have fits properly, but the bolt holes don't come near lining up with the holes in the housing.


    In the midst of all this I also went on with my "baked enamel" experiment on the motorcycle parts - doing the two lower fork tubes. I'm quite pleased with how they came out. The baking kills the wet look of the new paint but that doesn't bother me at all and, as far as I can see, it is completely dry and hard.




    I do have a couple of parts that won't fit in the toaster oven...I'll have to think about how to do those.

    Joe a heat lamp will do the same thing he oven does.



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