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    Wanted -1928 Chrysler wheel cylinder to brake hose fitting.

    By mikewest, 1 minute ago in Parts Wanted

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    Posted 1 minute ago

    Help. I need one of these brass brake hose to wheel cylinder fittings. The straight bore on the wheel cylinder end is 1/2 inch ID. The brake hose end is 3/8 inch pipe thread. This may be the same on other Chrysler products. This car is on the lift and needs to get back to its owner soon. Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com  Thank you!



    chrysler brake parts.jpg

  2. These doors are clean and sound with great wood and skins. Mostly complete catches and hardware. $50.00 each or all 4 $$150.00 The taillight is a good original with the stand. This is a left hand stand but if you want a right stand cut it and gas weld back together as a right hand. The light is $ 250.00 plus $20 shipping.  Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY

    Lots of other parts 1929 -33. Motors, drivetrain, lights, bumpers, jewelry ( lighters, crank hole covers, hubcaps, ect) Call days or before 9 pm eastern.

    franklin doors 5.jpg

    franklin doors.jpg

    franklin doors 1.jpg

    franklin doors 3.jpg

    29 trailight 1.jpg

    29 tailight2.jpg

    29 tailight4.jpg

    29 tailight.jpg

  3. 8 hours ago, PFitz said:

    The 1932 Warner T-81transmission is different than any of the 31 Detroit or Warner transmissions. 


    Even the  31 bell housings won't interchange with just any of the three transmissions used in 31. So, they might not mate up to a 32 transmission. Might want to check the  size and shape of the bell housing opening, bolt pattern and depth of the housing first.



    Paul is correct. The 32 gearbox is different than all of the 1931 boxes. None of the 29-32 gearboxes/bellhousings are interchangeable.

  4. The car looks great with the wood wheels. I would leave them on the car like it came from the factory. The brake drums are the same for wire or wood wheels.  Where is the spare tire? If its rear mounted and switch to wires you will also need a casting to carry the spare.

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  5. 9 hours ago, Brooklyn Beer said:

    So what all has to be changed out to go from wood spoke wheels to wire on a series 151 ?

    Beer, I have 2 sets of 1930-33 wire wheels ,rings and hubs/drums . I can send pictures  with price. Shipping could be Fastenal to Fastenal. 

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  6. Scott was always a gentleman  and very friendly. He is a huge loss to the membership .I had no idea he was sick... rest in peace buddy.