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  1. When I bought my Auburn Phaeton the old man gave me news letters from way back. Is there any interest in them . I think these were printed by Bill Kinsman in Buffalo. Very affordable. Mike 585 738 1541
  2. I really like the split windshield! It must of been home brew made?
  3. This is a 6 cyl 1928 I sold about 5 years ago. It wasn't a big car like the one shown.
  4. OFFER $500.00 That's plenty for that mess.
  5. Mike Id like them better if they were in NY The problem is they are so old.... they aren't safe for the road at speed. If you coulkd find a way to get them to NY Id make a offer.
  6. Thanks for this info. Ill be looking for them. Mike
  7. OK Buddy ... I was shaving some fun with you. Mike (smiling)
  8. My thoughts are you overthink too many things. Its a old car... not heart surgery. Ive had several tanks (model T ford speedsters ) with pressurized tanks . I put some pipe dope on the threads and tighten it up. Done and fine.....
  9. I have a plumbing house next door to me that has beeni business since the 1950s. They have old stuff . What sizes are you thinking 3/8 pipe? Ill find out what he has in brass I used 1/2 inch pipe on my Mitchell. For the fuel out of the tank and 1/4 inch pipe to pressurize the tank . Ill send pics ofmy tank. Mike
  10. Al go to a plumbing supply co an buy a flange plate with the pipe thread size you need . I drill 4 holes in them and rivot/ sweat them in place. They look great and are authentic. Make sure to get in brass and you shape the flange part to fit the radius of your tank.
  11. If its solid, its replacement . The originals were a stamping and even have a very small L or R stamped in them to ID the side. My source of knowledge is a original 32 8-100 A phaeton and a 32 8-100 A sedan.
  12. In its stripped out present state , would be much help to anyone. (In my opinion)
  13. Somebody in the Auburn club reproduces that trim. Gilliland maybe? Call Mike Samson 847 987 2928 Tell them what side you need . Maybe Jay Engler in ACD club has it