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  1. I would think if they were mounted anywhere it would of been on the faceplate. The chrome bands have a radius and the badge wouldn't look right not laying flat. Also those stove bolts don't look right to me. I would think the badge would have a stud on the back.. But not sure as Ive never seen one before.
  2. Wes, I have Lyons Covers on my Franklin roadster that has the mirrors that you mentioned. So if this is the case , these emblems would not have been used?
  3. Joe, Im on the edge of my seat waiting for the demonstration of the pump "PUMPING" I hope you rig it up with a supply and a drill motor and show off your work! Its great!
  4. Paul, A point well taken! I should of said fits a 4 door sedan. Thank you, Mike
  5. Supergirl , Ill make you a cash offer . $35,000.00. Best regards, Michael West
  6. I have rear fenders from a 80 series P/A . They look NOS or early takeoff. Old black paint or primer is all that's on them. Ill post a few pictures tomorrow. $150.00 each. Mike 585 738 1541
  7. If you find more than one , Ill buy them all. Good three legged pullers sell for $75-100 . I was at a sale this spring and there were two of them in nice condition . (Clean threads nt not all banged up.) The auctioneer sold them so much high bidder gets choice. The bidding at $80.00 . The guy took both of them... I have a extra , a nice clean one and Ill sell for $100.00 plus shipping.
  8. Get it out in the open ,Start in low or reverse, hold the clutch in, hit the throttle let off brake and repeat. Get it rocking-gas, brake, gas, etc..It will come loose. Then for the future when you store the car for a long period, prop a stick of wood from the depressed clutch pedal to under the gas tank so the clutch is disengaged during storage. No more stuck clutches........
  9. Selling 2 - 17 inch drop center 48 spoke drop center rims only in good condition. They have been bead blasted. $50.00 each plus postage . Can send digital pictures if interested. Mike Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  10. Im selling 4 clean wire wheels for LaSalle. Look at the pictures and if you need more information drop me a note. $125.00 each You pay the shipping. Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  11. Walter, Thank you for the history ! I am quite pleased to get this plaque. I am going to install on my 1910 Mitchell. Did the Franklin poster sell at Hershey?? If not you would be a better man to sell it to a friend that still collects Franklins! Think it over! Mike
  12. Ill take it. I will PM you details where to send . Mike
  13. Dave , Its going to be a rare beauty!
  14. Walter, If you find a buyer that wants the pinion bearing replaced , Ill have time to repair it after the 15th of Nov. This is a super looking car! And a great price as ell for a roadster! Mike West
  15. Its a universal horn bought from a parts store back in the day. It could of been used on any make or model.
  16. Yes I have many more tags ready to be shipped. $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.
  17. Im looking for a 1966 or 67 Fairlane convertible or hardtop. All model levels considered. I do not want a project car, bondo box, or customized. Restored or running originals looked at strongly. Location is not really a issue. I just hate rust and junk warmed over to look good. Thank you, Mike 585 738 1541 Send pictures to mawest729@gmail.com
  18. Bill, Paul made a good point about the spring. You will need to keep it captured with some threaded rod, nuts and washers although Ive taken them apart and put back together without anything. They don't fly apart , just jump up a bit. As for the u-joints, don't rely on the way it comes apart solely as many drive shafts have been reinstalled incorrectly. (The last guy didn't know what he was doing) Read and understand phasing of universal joints . Its all over the net and easy to understand. Like I said most of the splines are marked with a line or a arrow where it should engage the matching spline sleeve on the joint at the transmission end. Good luck and if you need my spline to line up the clutch Ill send it to you. Mike
  19. Bill , Pull the transmission , pressure plate and clutch out. The throw-out bearing has two flats on it and it can be unthreaded from the pressure plate center. You will need to hold the other end with a large wrench. Reverse the procedure to install the new bearing. make sure all the spring fingers are laying flat after you have reinstalled the bearing. Not a big deal. You will need a plot shaft tool or I use a main shaft out of a transmission to center the clutch on the flywheel with the pilot bearing. You can borrow my main shaft for postage if you need it. Make sure you inspect that bearing to me smooth or replace it. They are cheap and available through NAPA . When you replace the bell housing , make sure the two dowel pins are in place for proper alignment . Make sure the adjustment ring is roughly in the right adjustment before tightening the pressure plate to the flywheel or its a bugger to adjust. Make sure when you reinstall the drive shaft the universal joints are in time. The yokes usually have a mark on them to get it correct, but if not make sure the joints all line up on each end so they don't bind. I just did the same job on a 32. Good luck ., Mike
  20. Chuck , Give Egge machine a call in Santa Fe Springs a call. They may do it or certainly can recommend someone.
  21. Paul, II have no experience using " cheap hardware washers on rod bolts" and never will. Im glad it works out for you. Your friend , Mike