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  1. Ive decided all month in Dec Im going to list old car things I don't need. Here is Senior Trippe light that needs to be restored .Its not dented and the glass and reflector are nice. It is missing a small cap on the top tat holds the level and locks the rim in place . The bracket on the bottom has lots of value as well. They are not hard to find. $50.00 plus shipping Mike 585 738 1541
  2. Here is dandy brass explosion whistle that screws into the priming cup hole. This is a period antique, not a cheap modern piece from the mail order catalog. This was on my 1911 Stoddard Dayton when I bought it 35 years ago. It has a brass valve, cast aluminum base and brass barrel. The barrel nickel plated at one time but that has been mostly polished off. The thread is 1/8 inch pipe. Price is $100.00 and add shipping ... like $10.00. Satisfaction guaranteed . Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  3. Cleaning out parts from previous projects long gone. 2 - 48 spoke Auburn 17 " drop center rims. These are in good original condition. Price is $35.00 each, you pay the shipping. Also have a headlight switch I took apart to look at the contacts. I found the problem was the insulation board on the back was warped. Replace the mater and have a good switch. $32.00 include shipping. Mike West 585 738 1541
  4. This is a scarce item to find for the long wheelbase cars if its missing .Its the light that illuminates the running board when the passenger door opens. The casting , bezel , lenses, threads are all very good condition. Price is $150.00 Firm -includes shipping The Packard boys charge twice what I want and they are not correct for a Franklin... They are different. Mike West 585 738 1541
  5. A Model T Ford will parallel park in a spot only 1 ft longer than the car!
  6. Id like to have these cars in Livonia and have a chance to scrub them up a bit and sell them. I also don't agree these are parts cars. Priced accordingly ,every one of these cars would find a new home with someone that has a vision to fix them up. Whether it would actually happen is another story. I could see at least half or more of them going on a ship... Good stuff these old cars... Plus my granddaughter likes helping "Poppy" tinker with them.
  7. I always have a good selection of 1929 - 33 parts for sale from cars that I have knocked in the head. Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541 Don't wait for BLACK FRIDAY.... our Holiday sale starts tomorrow!
  8. I would think if they were mounted anywhere it would of been on the faceplate. The chrome bands have a radius and the badge wouldn't look right not laying flat. Also those stove bolts don't look right to me. I would think the badge would have a stud on the back.. But not sure as Ive never seen one before.
  9. Wes, I have Lyons Covers on my Franklin roadster that has the mirrors that you mentioned. So if this is the case , these emblems would not have been used?
  10. Joe, Im on the edge of my seat waiting for the demonstration of the pump "PUMPING" I hope you rig it up with a supply and a drill motor and show off your work! Its great!
  11. Paul, A point well taken! I should of said fits a 4 door sedan. Thank you, Mike
  12. Supergirl , Ill make you a cash offer . $35,000.00. Best regards, Michael West
  13. I have rear fenders from a 80 series P/A . They look NOS or early takeoff. Old black paint or primer is all that's on them. Ill post a few pictures tomorrow. $150.00 each. Mike 585 738 1541
  14. If you find more than one , Ill buy them all. Good three legged pullers sell for $75-100 . I was at a sale this spring and there were two of them in nice condition . (Clean threads nt not all banged up.) The auctioneer sold them so much high bidder gets choice. The bidding at $80.00 . The guy took both of them... I have a extra , a nice clean one and Ill sell for $100.00 plus shipping.
  15. Get it out in the open ,Start in low or reverse, hold the clutch in, hit the throttle let off brake and repeat. Get it rocking-gas, brake, gas, etc..It will come loose. Then for the future when you store the car for a long period, prop a stick of wood from the depressed clutch pedal to under the gas tank so the clutch is disengaged during storage. No more stuck clutches........
  16. Selling 2 - 17 inch drop center 48 spoke drop center rims only in good condition. They have been bead blasted. $50.00 each plus postage . Can send digital pictures if interested. Mike Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  17. Im selling 4 clean wire wheels for LaSalle. Look at the pictures and if you need more information drop me a note. $125.00 each You pay the shipping. Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  18. Walter, Thank you for the history ! I am quite pleased to get this plaque. I am going to install on my 1910 Mitchell. Did the Franklin poster sell at Hershey?? If not you would be a better man to sell it to a friend that still collects Franklins! Think it over! Mike
  19. Ill take it. I will PM you details where to send . Mike