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  1. If you Google ELMCO TEST BENCH you can read and see many articles about the nice original bench. It has been well preserved and it works great. All you need to do is read how to operate it. There are many MOTOR AGE articles instructing how to run this piece of equipment. I am rearranging my shop and don't use it enough to keep it. This bench is complete and operational! Will look great in any shop. Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  2. Im going to sell my starter /generator test bench. Its a very well preserved factory made bench that has brass knive switches, volt and amp meters, a expanded face Corbin tachometer with the cable that is attached to the motor that spins the generators. There is a cradle like vise that clamps the starters or generators in place. Its about 6 ft long and has excellent original paint. This will make a great addition to any prewar or post war garage. If you Google ELMCO test bench you can see and read all about it.If this sounds interesting to anyone contact me and Ill post pictures. Its located in Livonia NY Mike 585 738 1541
  3. I need a restorable box for a model A - not too bad banged up or rusted. Ill look at all offered. Thanks Mike 585 738 1541
  4. I have a senior trippe light that needs plating, glass is good as well reflector . it has the mounting bracket. Ill take $100 including postage . Mike 585 738 1541
  5. Im looking for a restorable Model A Ford Pickup box . All considered. If you've seen one advertised on Craigslist or have on please drop me a note. Im working on a truck with/for my grandson and don't want to buy a repro. The new ones look good but as part of the "Lesson" I want to fix one. (The metal, paint and wood ) Thank you, Mike West 585 738 1541 PS, Ive included a picture of one. A lot of these have been made into a 2 wheel trailer.
  6. Don, Your car looks great and you should be proud of it. Looks great!
  7. Is this steel body what you are talking about? Its on a TT chassis. It does not have a ford script Its wider than a Model a Box
  8. ED send me the name of the towing co and body shop if you know it. Im in Rochester daily and could see if the original building is still there.
  9. The truck wearing its new skins. We carried the door embossment onto the box skin. When I was drawing what I wanted the truck to look like I knew I didn't want it to look like anything I had seen with flared sides. I have a friend In Rochester , NY that has a rare Ford Model A 64A Deluxe pickup. I went and patterned and measured everything and increased the dimensions to get what you see. Im working on the chrome rails as we speak.
  10. " Is a complex curve the same as a compound curve?"
  11. Don It looks Great!! Nice job!
  12. ED, Here is my 1933 Franklin truck my dad and I made over from a wrecked sedan. Its all ash framed and steel skinned. It has OD behind the original 3 speed trans. It gets a lot of compliments for a couple shade tree mechanics... smile. Mike PS. That's my dad in the back for his last ride in our creation.
  13. I have a original truck that a new box on would look out of place. Looking for one ( The standard one , not the 1931 wide bed) on the east coast/ Im in upstate NY . Mike 585 738 1541
  14. SOLD HAVE MORE JUST LIKE IT.Here is a super scarce item .An original ignition switch and coil assembly from a 1929 or 30 Franklin The original key is broken off in the tumble . I think with some effort, the key can be removed. The casting is straight and in good condition. This is a pop out switch ,original equipment. The choke and spark cable barrels bolt through the holes on either end of the tumbler. Price is $200.00 . Shipping in the USA is $12.50 Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541 I have lots of Franklin parts for sale.
  15. Here are two nice original brass tail lamps. The one on the left is Solar and on the right is CM hall. Both lamps will polish up nicely. The Solar is in very nice undented condition , no cracks or damage. The Hall lamp has some dents in the oil pot. Take a look and ask questions. Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  16. Selling a good supply of Franklin Parts from mechanical to tin/trim. These parts are from dismantled cars - not rotted out rusty crap from a river bed .... The last three pictures are examples of cars I dismantle for parts. If you are working on a 1929 and up Franklin and need something , give me a call or email. It doesn't cost anything to ask. Call Mike - the Franklins Friend. 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  17. Hi Joe , Ill send a picture of what I have tonight . I have old brass era parts and pieces . Mike
  18. Joe I got the paper , thank you. Is there a difference in them? Did you see the pics of the model a truck? Mike