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  1. I posted a fine parts car on e-bay motors. Please have a look. thanks Item #2459529271
  2. Repairing either of those two items will only enhance the value of the car. The gas struts are parts that are designed to be replaced. The OEM part would be the one to look for when doing the replacement. Repairing the piping on the seats should also increase the value, so long as the work is done correctly. Usually to decrease the value of a collectable car you would need to replace permanent parts with those from another car or with aftermerket parts. Making repairs to worn out items is better than leaving them worn out, both of which aren't as good as having all original pieces that
  3. That would be a fair price, but the radio is gone already. I have now put the car on e-bay for those interested. Item #2459529271 Thanks
  4. I have just about everything. This parts car was hit in the drivers rear. let me know in detail what you might need and I'll see if it is there and what condition it is in. thanks
  5. send me a picture I likely have the part. thanks
  6. you could get a SOHC head in new condition from e-bay for about $200. That would solve your problem. A Turbo 2.2L head is a Turbo 2.2L head. Any Chrysler 2.2L turbo head will work on your car. you do not need to part it out. -Liam
  7. Contact me ASAP for parts that you need. Car is ginger interior with the light yellow exterior. Be sure to include an offer price and description for the part that you are looking for. Will ship any part any where. If I still have the part and it is not damaged from the rear collision then it is yours. This post was made on Dec 14,2003 and my e-mail is LiamKelly@hotmail.com. pictures of any part that I have are available. thanks.
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