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  1. I priced a 6 speed 5.7 challenger with 20" wheels for under 37k. so hows that over priced ? you dont get jack for under 45k today and thats entry level for real performance. the thing goes 170, the 6.1 goes 180... for 10 miles an hour difference, I'll save the insurance money and go with the 5.7.. which is still a better value than any new vette. hey I am still scratching my head wondering why the buick wildcat [think pontiac banshee] never happened.... from GS to GN to the reatta.... now we have nothing!!!
  2. I officially pulled the plug on GM [buick] 3 years ago. our reattas were fun, but extremely problematic, including the low mileage ones. my wifes ranier , not so much either... driver heated seat went up in flames and wrecked the lumber support. wheres the pride in a chevy 350 in my buick ? answer: none what so ever... GM is wasting their time badging corporate cars to satisfy consumer brand loyalty. all told... I still considered a GMC truck... drove a couple and was disappointed. I opted for an '05 ram daytona which has been very good to me... I am third generation buick... I bled the tri-sh
  3. this squeeky clean GS was sold new at the now defunct deane buick dealership in denver colorado. the original owner owned this approx. until 1984 and was then sold to the gentleman [also in colorado] that I bought the car from in 2003. it has never seen road salt or a winter and has been garaged much of its 38 years of life. owners manual packet w/protecto booklet, 2 showroom catalogs,'71 paint code booklet and service manual included. receipts dating back to 1984. 1 of 656 made by model,but break down the options and I am sure this cars production numbers become quite lower. OPTIONS INCLUDE
  4. it is definitely not hunter green say for late '71-2... I have a bunch of nos mats for late '71 as thats what my drop top gs is. it was more of what I call the '70- mid '71 green with a bit of a blue to the green... but by no means was it blue or aqua.... somewhere in between white and light green tri-shield , it is a '67 mat and matched my old '67's interior exactly. the mat has been sold...
  5. nos in the original box.... "buick" trunk deck emblem for '71 skylark...$35 plus shipping. [please dont make me dig for the part number as the part is in the attic, rest assured I know what I have] email me direct at: talk2chaos at yahoo dot com. thanks, john
  6. the '69 book does have parts up to '69. in some quick browsing, I see listings back to '64 please email me direct.. I just happened to catch the 2 replies...I am not online much these days.
  7. I've found some old manuals etc. in some early spring cleaning. will be pitching them this season if they dont go. please contact me at: talk2chaos at yahoo dot com thanks, john '68 "what you should know" emissions pamphlet $15 '71 protecto plate booklet for 43369 series $10 '68 "approved buick accessories " pamphlets $15,$20 '69 fullsize owners manual $15 '68 protecto plate booklet for 48269 series $10 '89 reatta maint. schedule/warranty assistance/goodwrench $20 '64 protecto plate booklet for 4819 series $10 '64 fullsize owners manual $10 '63 skylark/special owners and accessories manua
  8. NOS dark green overall floormat with trishield in center for '67 buick. no part number sticker on original box. purchased from the buick farm a decade ago. it was listed to fit skylark/special/sportwagon. I checked it for fit in a '71 skylark and it seemed fine and cant see any reason this wouldnt fit in a fullsize buick. it does have the notch cut on the drivers side which is correct for '68 and earlier gas pedals. though not 100% correct it will fit in '69 newer buicks. $135 plus shipping firm. I can be reached direct at: talk2chaos at yahoo dot com thanks, john
  9. I am a 3rd gen buick owner..I have owned 76 buicks mainly A bodies with a few '63-66 rivs and gs cats or 225's mixed in. and thats not including 4 past reattas and the ranier my wife currently drives . I have been patiently waiting for a "stylish" 2DOOR buick or somewhat performance buick since the demise of reatta & riviera. the concept wildcat [think pontiac banshee] never materialized and the supposed rear wheel drive platform of late was canned. so....I moved on and bought a new dodge ram daytona in '05. it was the hardest purchase I ever had to make. mind you I love this truck. ol
  10. what happened to the bca or buick only classifieds ? its beena while since I've logged into the bca, did we get swallowed up into a universal forum ?
  11. 1971 buick skylark custom for sale.. 65k original miles straight and clean. older pro repaint car runs and drives as new. clean western car thats been garaged and has never seena winter. nothing mucked with, shes all there. original exhaust and brake shoes! ac blows cold, ops, pb, 15x7 ralleye wheels. strong 350-2 , no smoke or oil consumption. $6500 FIRM email for pics and or further details. thanks, john
  12. I am getting ready to place a spring hemmings ad... but before doing so, PRICE REDUCED; $7100 not going any further...its a great car.
  13. hi eric, no sorry i dont...I could use a set of mint door panels myself theyreall i need to complete the car.... likely gonna just redo the whole interior for grins anyway though...
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