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  1. I know Willie's car runs fine and he is just trying to improve it a bit. He likes monkeying with setups. After they fail, he usually offers the old parts to me at a 2% discount. :) 

    FWIW, My wagon was recored with a larger capacity core and I run a five blade flex fan, which cools it fine. I had to trim the edges off of the fan to fit within the shroud which means I have five razor blades waiting to bite me in the engine compartment. 

    Just for fun. What would happen if you took the fan shroud off? Would that take the clutch size and proximity to the radiator out of the equation? Still allowing air to pass? Like I said, just curious for more engineering type feedback. I'm not changing my cars even though I'm sure I will get a real bargain on a slightly used fan / clutch soon...



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  2. Yes.

    Technically, it is red oxide primer used originally. Anything close will do. That 54 was restored very well by a friend of ours on the forum and the retired owner of TP tools.

    It is an extraordinarily anal thing to do, as you can't see it under normal "one knee" chassis judging that the BCA uses.

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