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  1. We're alright.

    From Snopes:


    Trolls are creating fake tweets about looting

    There are a bunch of social media posts of varying virality claiming to show evidence of widespread looting in Houston after Harvey. At least some of these tweets are obvious trolls — particularly those using the hashtag #HarveyLootCrew. As Motherboard explained, trolls have previously used #BaltimoreLootCrew and #SandyLootCrew to try and make fake posts about looting go viral during major news events.

  2. Willie is closer to the mess than I am. The wind is relatively calm here, but it has been steadily raining for almost 24 hours.

    I have spoken with some friends in Houston who are more concerned.


    I bet that building could be bought for a song. I know a song...

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  3. I'm guessing something with the float (needle / seat) not refilling the primary portion of the carburetor IF it started on its own without filling the carb (fuel pump filled it). 

    Or clogged line. 

    Again, if you put gas in the carb to start it and run the 100 yards, that is what the car will run on with just the fuel in the bowl.

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  4. All of the repro pedals are the same. My 55 originally came with a 54 pedal which was way shorter than the replacement I found later. What a difference that made!

    The angle shouldn't be a big deal. I think they split the difference. Let me put it this way... I have personally never had an issue with any of the pedals I have installed and I would conservatively estimate that at 10.



    After reading this again, it may not have been a 54. It was shaped like earlier rounded pedals and didn't work properly. Just so I don't get grief that 54-55 pedals were the same height...

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  5. 8 hours ago, Beemon said:

    I guess if it is made from aluminum, it should be as light as the power steering pump, so makes sense! Thanks for the pictures, I have never seen the original bracket before. I'll most likely use the 401 bracket as a template, and then use the bolt spacing of the compressor to make the top, like you did. Looks like the driver side compressor bolt hole is in line with the water log bolts? What's the spacing from the top log bolt to the compressor bolt? If you have that on hand, that is...

    I used a 401 bracket on my wagon before I made this one. I don't remember what I had to modify, but it was minimal. I think I actually made the bracket taller after the one pictured to provide better geometry for fan belt adjustment. I HATE the one that Centreville sells for 401 engines. It is giant and gaudy. I wanted to minimize the engine compartment intrusion. I also decided only to use one of the crossover studs as a mount in case I ever sold them to other peeps who would definitely at least have that one stud, so that it was a "one stop shop" kinda thing.

    It is 4 1/2" from crossover to right bolt hole. I am attaching another pic of the last one I had made up with a slotted Hole on the left side for a little more tensioning options. 

    PS, I have one of these left without the slotted adjuster, and that is my final "run" 



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  6.  Nope. I initially wanted to make a rear bracket, but there is literally no shaking and once you bolt it, you can't move it with your hands. It's made out of 3/16" steel. My prototype was bent in my vice with a big ass hammer and a Bosch electric jigsaw. Nothing fancy.

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