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  1. I watched two of Mud's videos today. The king pin installation and the upper control arm installation.

    I have done a lot of both of those jobs and he makes it look easy. I wish I had these videos available to me when I was first doing this work. 

    Great work Ken.


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  2. 18 hours ago, wndsofchng06 said:

    Congrats!!!   I would definitely take Willie's recommendation and use the scoops as decor and skip putting the holes in the car.


    Thats why I sold em to KC. I didn't even use them as decor.


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  3. ...AND there will not be a "sock" in the gas tank on the pickup tube. That is by design, and unless you have a giant piece of crud in there either through bad gas or vandalism, the car will pass it through to the filter. 


    Your English is perfectly fine Daniel.


  4. Springs definitely can sag after 60 years. I have used these guys several times. Their product is good and accurate, as well as being relatively inexpensive. https://www.eatondetroitspring.com/


    In my opinion, you may want to order them slightly lower if you like the way your cars sits now (with the sag). The car will be higher with new springs.


    I would just buy any quality shock absorber. You are fortunate that 1956 had tube shocks already and you don't have to get lever action shocks rebuilt. I'm not saying anything about the ride difference, merely that replacement tube shocks are cheaper than a rebuild situation.


    Lastly, I would buy from Bobs Automobilia for the rear end parts. The last rear seals I bought from Cars weren't right.

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  5. The seal is definitely compromised at the front of the torque tube. Buy a "front torque tube seal" from Bob's or Cars when you buy your other parts. I would definitely change the inner and outer axle seals as well as lubing your axle bearings. If the rear end was not noisy, that is the only service I would recommend.

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