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  1. Smaller width belts do seem to flop around more. I think they used to be more like 5/8” at the top of the belt and now they seem like a “metric half”. 
    The belt top should not have cogs on it for a ‘79. Those and universal ribbed radiator hoses (along with red heater hoses and yellow spark plug wires) always reek of somebody who restored their cars from Pep Boys instead of Napa (if that makes sense). 

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  2. On 2/20/2013 at 8:35 PM, stealthbob said:

    I don't think any of us can comprehend what a thread like this will mean to so many over so many years. I can go back to some forums that I posted on 15 years ago, I can only wonder how long your words and images will help throughout the ages.

     I was looking for a reference and re-read this entire thread. I found what I was looking for and decided to bring it back to the top as required reading. Thanks again, Bob.


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  3. Yeah, but I may have been convinced of an interior color change meaning a black dash might not work. Waiting in interior samples from SMS. Not sure if they are working through this since the Pacific NW has been hit hard and may have more strict “stay at home” policies. 

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  4. You’re going to have to make the rubber piece no matter what. They have universal exhaust hangers at most auto parts stores that have six inch strips of rubber that you can cut to length and then bolt to the old metal pieces you already have. I have done this many times and I use a socket head stainless bolt to somewhat simulate a rivet. 

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  5. Got this from Wheatbelt when Ken was closing shop. It was in his miscellaneous 54-59 pile. 
    it’s not 54-55. Looks like passenger side that attaches to the bumper bracket and hugs the bottom side of the bumper.

    $25plus shipping

    If somebody tells me it’s really rare $$225





  6. (Sold)

    Hi guys,

    I am clearing some items out of my home and garage. I am posting here before going to the Bugle and then eBay. Please don’t make me go to eBay...

    These are just quick pics. I will PM you other pics if you want. You pay shipping, obviously.
    1962 Buick Features and Facts book. Good shape Cover is a little worn. No water stains or funky smells $100 

    1962 Buick Color-Trim book good shape. Everything is there. Some of the fabrics have moldy spots on them which could be cleaned, but I’m not going to do that. Paint chips are a little worn on the ears. Smells more like an old car than an old book 😜 $225 (Deuce and a quarter, if you prefer)






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  7. Not disagreeing, but in my opinion this disaster has brought out the best in people. Houston neighbors are helping neighbors. 

    Real people in Austin are donating blood, goods, services and money at an extraordinary rate. I've seen it first hand. When I worked at the food bank.

    Today my wife donated money and her company doubled it. Be optimistic and stop looking for the bad side dammit.


    Now wanna get angry at somebody? Our senator who voted against money for you Yankees in Superstorm Sandy wants money for us.  Hypocrite.


    Oh, and I wish everybody would just sell one cigarette for when you have been drinking and you need to turn green without buying a whole pack.


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