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  1. I don’t mean to continue this in your restoration thread, but think about how tall your car is and then deduct that from whatever your desired ceiling height is. Anything less than 12’ is no bueno for a four post. 
    I worked at Willie’s friend’s place and it was a drag. Don’t do it.  

  2. Yo KC,

    I know it’s not my house, but out of those three options, I would go for an 8’ ceiling and full upstairs for resale value. You don’t need a lift and a ten foot ceiling doesn’t gain you really anything. I restored my 55 in a two car garage with an  8’ ceiling. At that point, go out as far as you can. 😁

  3. I’ve installed both on various cars. The cork seems to be more forgiving of level imperfections. The rubber is “re-usable” if you glue it to the valve cover.  Don’t worry about the staining. Put the spark plug covers on and you won’t see it. 😜

  4. Hey Steve,

    That is a  freeze plug, so it’s just coolant behind that plug. The plug Russ mentions making is behind the engine. It looks like maybe it leaked down from the valve cover area and pooled. I’d use mineral spirits to clean the whole area and keep an eye on it. Sometimes coolant can seep out of the spark plug cover stud also, but that doesn’t appear to be happening. 

  5. Fifteen years ago (when I was much stronger)  I was able to pick up a 1955 driveshaft with the gears attached. That would leave two rear axle shafts, entire pumpkin with left, right and center (front tube) Stabilizer bars and any brake related parts. There is no way just the piece I picked up was less than 100 lbs, and that is probably a quarter of the weight. I would guess an easy 500 lbs. with brake components. 

  6. Unfortunately, there are a couple of things working against you.

    The fact that the car is in pieces takes at least 50% off of the value.
    Fewer people are taking on projects than 10 years ago. Non-running / driving cars rarely get more than five grand. 

    I don’t necessarily disagree with the theory of holding it until you have time later, but that also risks losing parts for a possible later sale. Good luck with either decision. 

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  7. 48 minutes ago, 38Buick 80C said:


    and by the way powder coater is already done with my parts...4 days fastest turn around ever...

    Mine told me two weeks. Apparently everybody is working on projects down here. 

  8. Thanks Brian,

    At least something good is happening from all of this. 

    I’ve already remodeled my laundry room. Gone through every closet in the house. The casa is cleaner than it has been in a while. The lawn is perfect. Two 55 Buicks sitting dormant for years have been started and driven. The convertible is getting some love while I have nothing but time and as long as suppliers keep shipping me parts, I’ll keep working on it.
    I know there are people hurting right now, both physically and financially, and I don’t mean to make light of that. I just missed my peeps here and this is my way of checking in on all of you.

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  9. A LOOOOOONG time ago, I had a good relationship with my powdercoater and he agreed to try coating the dash while I was doing some other small pieces. It turned out ok, but it wasn’t great. No problem, I will scuff and prime / paint later.

    Well... it’s later. While I was moving parts around in the garage, I found some of the embossed seat back material I got from progoofoff (Uncle Bob Coker) left over from his convertible project. I was originally going to dye it, but when I looked at it, I kinda dug the green. As an experiment (yes, I LOVE an experiment) I ordered a spray can combo made up from paintscratch.com. They claim to have formulas for older cars. I’m stuck at home anyway. I have a credit card. Order one in Belfast Green Metallic just to see what it looks like. 😁
    BTW, sanding powder coating off of parts is less fun than eating pie, but more fun than hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. 




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