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  1. I did find the trim code, although my book says 412, black leather with white leather. YAY! Do you guys think it would be available either way? In other words, white with black inserts or vice-versa.


    After installing the rear sway bar yesterday it appeared that the right side was kicked out about two inches farther than the left side. I imagine that once the body, etc. gets bolted back on the frame and gets squashed about 6 inches, that the rear end will center itself. Am I correct in this? I just want to make sure before I tighten everything back down.



  2. So, today I finished up the Chevy wagon. Woody helped me install the seat belts. Man, little hands help a lot at times. Plus, when I needed to bolt the inboard belts, I was able to climb under and he could ratchet them from the top. As an added bonus, since I was billing for the job, I paid him a few bucks...hey, anything to keep him in the garage! Actually, he has already claimed the model A for his first car. That'll be the next project.

    Prior to working on the car, Bill Stoneberg and I went to check out a 1929 Buick for a friend in Massachusetts. It was a really nice and complete driver quality automobile. While I am not necessarily a pre-war nut, the car was a perfect entry level car and if I was not in the midst of this restoration, I would have tried to beg, borrow, or steal ten grand.

    I also spent some time today blasting the emergency brake cable so I can finish the rear brake assemblies. Just waiting on my motor mounts so I can install the engine and trans. I've decided not to pre-test the engine, but wait until it is installed in the frame, but before the body goes back on.

    I am very happy with the progress even though I got distracted by the Chevy, which will provide a much needed cash injection. YAY!

  3. Thanks Rob,

    I'm having a ball with this one. My wife is the greatest, I worked on cars all day while our son played with a friend and she just putzed about.

    We are all friends here on the forum, even if we don't see eye to eye all the time politically, etc. I have indeed met a lot of these folks and shot the breeze at the Buick Nationals. I would recommend making a trip sometime. It's a blast and all Buicks.

    Out of curiousity, where did you see the 12S interior? Is that a Roadmaster only trim code? I have only been able to find black with yellow available in a Century, but black and white leather would look great with my planned Condor yellow with Dover white exterior color scheme. Black top, just to mix it up...

  4. From post #39 in this thread

    It should go without saying to anybody who has been on this forum for more than a few days, that I must wholeheartedly agree with this nomination. Willie was the main reason my 55 received a Senior award my first time showing at a National.... AFTER DRIVING IT 1800 MILES!

    Thanks Willie.

    Pic of Willie during my restoration.


    C'mon now,

    Y'all know what Willie means to me. I talk to him at least once a day, either to ask him a stupid question or advice. He rarely leads me astray, although I always seem to do more, go farther, and consequently spend more after talking to him. He has me convinced now that I can paint my car!

    The best thing he ever told me that really stuck is:

    "If it is being done in my shop, it needs to meet my standards!"

  5. A friend brought his automobile obsessed 10 year old over today, which made the Woodster want to help out also. We got the wheels back on and the differential installed.

    I also let them try out the bead blaster on a couple of old pistons so they could have the coolest pencil holders on the block.




  6. Maybe we could modify a nice original low mileage can of Spam. Lower it. Disc brakes. Stick a Chevy 350 in it. Nice set of polished 22's. Disable the original foot start. Add electric wipers. Of course with radials, bias ply tires suck. Rip out the dynaslush...etc.

    Whaddya think?

  7. In a very odd series of events...

    I got my wallet back today! There was no cash in it, but the credit cards and drivers license were there. At least I know there was no identity theft. I paid the pseudo-homeless guy who returned it $20. That was worth it for piece of mind. Hell, how many Busch tall boys can you buy for twenty bucks?

  8. Holy smokes,

    Rebuilding a fuel pump is taking me forever. It took me an hour just to get the fuel pump diaphragm to hook into where it needed to be. Also, just a heads up. When using Then and Now, you need to know the pump number NOT the application i.e. 4690 not a 55 Buick. I have been back and forth for weeks trying to get the proper sized valves and fuel cover diaphragm. They have been helpful, but I want to order parts and be able to install them today, not a month from now!

    Also, anybody sealing their rear differential should make their own gasket. The replacement is 1/16" instead of 1/8" making it leak. Even with pookie on both sides of the gasket and in the screwholes.

    That will come back off today...Grrr! More fun. I'm getting used to doing everything twice on this car.

  9. I gotta get this Chevy out of my garage! I have to install seatbelts, then I'm back to the Buick.

    I got a carb kit from our friend Jon in Missouri. He said the Carter is a relatively easy rebuild. He is getting six bills for a full restoration and the wait is thirteen months. I can't wait that long. My axle seals showed up from Bob's and I got an oil filter from Napa. Boxes are piling up waiting their respective turns.

    Should be able to get the axles in tomorrow then get the rear end back on wheels.



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