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  1. Yes. It is frustrating to get in a car that you have rebuilt everything and it still doesn’t work. My modern underdash unit from Old Air Products has never needed a top off and has always blown cold. I installed it in my 55 wagon over five years ago. 

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  2. When I was younger I thought it was better to have my engine run cool. I took out the thermostat then I ran a 160. I was basically trying to mask the real reasons the car was running hot. Either bad tuning or blocked radiator. As I got older and I discovered why certain things worked together to be efficient, I raised the thermostat to 180 and installed higher caps. Both of my cars have AC, so I may have blindly installed the 13-16lb caps but I ran a 7 on the factory AC Special for a long time and it only puked a little when it was really hot. I don’t even think I realized it was the lower pressure cap until it looked a little funky and I was going for a senior preservation and was detailing under the hood. At that time I installed a 13. 

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  3. If it is actually a 1/4” return line instead of a 5/16” supply line (assuming the original metal supply line is still in place), it is possible somebody engineered it to combat vapor lock like in “newer” AC cars. My 63 Wildcat had one, I think maybe they started as early as 1960. 
    IF this is the case, it should connect to a fuel filter with two outlets. So 5/16” IN, 5/16” out to carb AND 1/4” return out which then goes back and dumps back in the tank somehow. 

  4. Jon’s advice should always be followed.

    A lot of us use auxiliary pumps to prime the carbs after the car has sat for a while or to combat vapor lock in warmer climates. My advice is install it as close to the tank as possible and use one that is rated 4-7 as the pressure drops over the length of the line. I always use a toggle switch to turn it on and off. I recommend a Carter brand electric pump if you are going to run it alone. The small Pep Boys variety are really taxed to keep up on their own. Do not buy an Airtex. I shan’t go into that advice. Just don’t. 

  5. To follow up on the last post, I sent my steering wheel to California for them to re-cast it in green plastic to match the rest of the interior. 
    My powdercoater has been working overtime for me as I now have red wheels on all three cars. I took my last five good wheels for the convertible project. Sure is easier than using a sandblaster our in my back yard in the heat. 



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