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  1. I noticed the package tray also.  Speaking as someone who had to guess and drill, that makes a difference. I think 55 radiator support is all (mounting hole wise) the same except you do have to drill for the refrigerator lines.  Also the “splash pan” behind the grille where the dryer is mounted. 

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  2. Alex is a good dude. I’m gonna get him to post in the Me and My Buick section. I’m sure he can get some gorgeous pics in SF of his beautiful car. 
    Also, he may have gotten the coolest forum handle ever. I’m gonna look into a license plate with that on it. 

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  3. That looks like a revulcanized one. The concern about the NJ version was that it didn’t seem to stick to the shiny zinc plating. I have installed them from everywhere (CARS, Bobs, Steele) and never had a call back FWIW. I have also never done any of the shimming process in the manual. Just gaskets and pookie. 

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  4. When I was younger I thought it was better to have my engine run cool. I took out the thermostat then I ran a 160. I was basically trying to mask the real reasons the car was running hot. Either bad tuning or blocked radiator. As I got older and I discovered why certain things worked together to be efficient, I raised the thermostat to 180 and installed higher caps. Both of my cars have AC, so I may have blindly installed the 13-16lb caps but I ran a 7 on the factory AC Special for a long time and it only puked a little when it was really hot. I don’t even think I realized it was the lower pressure cap until it looked a little funky and I was going for a senior preservation and was detailing under the hood. At that time I installed a 13. 

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