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  1. Hey Mud,

    Another thing I noticed was the "flat top" tires. I had some of those the first time I bought wide whites cuz they were cheap. They were ok when new, but they wandered a lot more than good bias ply tires. That was when they were new. I tried them on my wagon as 15-20 year old tires and I couldn't drive around the block. Something else to consider.

  2. Now you have two "drivers".

    A lot of good stuff been done to it. That isn't a bad thing. Totally worth what you paid.

    That is a Tanks Inc. gas tank. Just move the electric pump back and get a new rear metal fuel line (Inline will sell just that separately). Clear the crud out of the drain holes, that should prevent further rocker damage. The tires will work for now. I can't tell on the seats. The door panels look good to me.

    I say again...you scores.

  3. Willie is smart. BUT, I figu e like everything else, Buick used whatever parts they could pick up. Gotta figure it was less than an inch anyway. Slap it on!!!

    Upon further review. What if it was an early vs. late thing. 54's couldn't be two tone.

    Whatcha think?

  4. Shoot. We played many shows with the Reverend. Gatton threatened to steal some trim from my Special at a show at Fort Reno park in DC where we opened up for him when I was 18. He was a hot rod guy to the core.

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  5. Like.

    A lot!!!

    Thanks Lamar. I grew up playing along with Robert Gordon records. I was also a freaky kid in the 70's who liked black and white comedies from the 40's.

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