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  1. Yep. That's all you need IF it's the same as 55. Basically, there are 4 holes in the frame that those bolts go through and then the two semicircular halves get bolted together. I will expound on it when you get them (I can take some pics), but please make sure a 56 guy jumps in and verifies my alternative (year) facts.


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  2. 7 hours ago, KongaMan said:

    Seems a peculiar requirement for parts which are represented to be accurate replacements.


    Does that same condition apply if you buy only a motor or cylinder(s)?


    22 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:


    HydroElectric is a very good company. I have always used the ATF because it doesn't damage the paint like brake fluid will. I think it has better lubricating properties than brake fluid, as well when you consider the internal parts of the pump. And it has less affinity to moisture absorption that may take years of affect the parts, but could.





  3. I used ATF because I rebuilt the entire system and HydroElectric (a great company to deal with), insisted on ATF or it would void the warranty. I am guessing if it won't go up that the motor itself needs to be replaced. Just a guess. They are readily available for minimal cash as are the cylinders and hoses. Try filling first. It may work.



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  4. ...AND there will not be a "sock" in the gas tank on the pickup tube. That is by design, and unless you have a giant piece of crud in there either through bad gas or vandalism, the car will pass it through to the filter. 


    Your English is perfectly fine Daniel.


  5. I have a bunch of trays that I didn't reinstall on my engines if you want one.


    No, I'm not really mailing one....

    There is no reason to add it. Like Willie said, they came on the early 55's (that I know of), which had the center oil fill tube and no valve cover breathers. 

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  6. The stuff I got from Cars was really close to what was in my Special. I believe convertibles and Roadmasters got a thicker, textured brown fabric. I glued mine to some cheap pep boys carpet first and then to the floor so it was a bit more thick.




    I just reread Bhigdog's post and realized I am saying the same thing. I'm gonna keep this here anyway, cuz it makes me feel smart.

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