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  1. Team WTF won best race car at the awards ceremony last night. I am in the airport headed back to Austin.

    As an example of the level of competition, leg nine of the race (final day), we scored 3:06. We were 85th place for the day. Granted, our speedometer was foggy from getting rained on, and we had to use sign language to communicate as well as being two rookies. I still think we kicked booty...



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  2. On June 24, 2016 at 8:26 AM, Imperial62 said:

    Looks like fun and like they have figured out some improvements to the driving gear ala headphone noise cancellation and face mask.


    When the MI and driver went home, he didn't leave that stuff, so we had to figure out sign language on the fly. We had a great day yesterday on the course, and once again enjoyed hanging out with a great group of guys.

  3. It IS  wildly expensive.

    There is a difference between the sponsor stickers on the cars and a corporate sponsor.  You don't have to find a sponsor. You can find a crew by posting online. That is how I did my first race. Pat and Pat advertised here on the BCA forum that they wanted a driver. I paid my own way as a "once in a lifetime" experience.  My second race, they paid my hotel bill. Same with this year for me.  I still paid for my flights and meals and drinks :D.  So a crew member or navigator will work for cheap or free. Transportation costs are ridiculous and everybody knows that. Hotels are going to run at least $1500 for the trip. 

    I agree Dale, it should not be allowing street rods (resto mods) in the race. The other WTF team is running a 1918 American LeFrance chain driven roadster converted in the 40's from a fire truck. They get more love at the finish line than almost any other team, because the guys come in covered in oil sprayed full length dusters. 

    I still think it is the most fun car event I have ever been associated with.

    There are almost $150k worth of prizes at the end and a lot of logistics go along with putting something this big on. There are huge costs.... BUT Coker and Hemmings et. al are businesses promoting their products and are making money. 

    I do know that there are veteran race teams who aren't happy with the routes chosen recently. For an expert rally team, it isn't a challenge to drive 50 mph for 1:49 then drop to 45 mph until you see a specific road sign. I was happy when my car got under a minute per leg. These guys are pi$$ed when they get a 3 second differentiation. When my car dropped out, we were number 88 with a score of nearly ten minutes off of perfect. The winner of this years race will probably be under 30 seconds, and they are driving an early 1900's Hudson. 

    I am looking for a corporate sponsor for next year, BTW. Maybe the BCA could tally for the rally? ;) I want $20k so I won't have to actually spend any of my own money...


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  4. That stinkin' Ford Flathead overheated and failed in almost every way imaginable. The driver was not prepared for the heat and lack of comfort, and the car wasn't either. Yesterday he dropped out. I have received permission to Finnish the race in a 1948 BMW tribute motorcycle with a sidecar where I will navigate the final two days. 

    The Wandering Troubadours of Finland are a force to be reckoned with when combined with a Texas Road Warrior!

    WTF + TRW = FUN




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  5. On May 3, 2016 at 7:11 PM, wndsofchng06 said:

    So 4 door century's were 3 hole in 55....  I think we had that discussion somewhere, but already forgot! Lol


    Nope. 4 in 55.


    i believe Lamar is correct, at least my 2 dr sedan doesn't have trim on the upper part (around the windows).

    I know I stole my fair share of Century fenders from uncle Bob. 

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  6. Welcome aboard Don. This is a cool idea and you certainly sound like the right guy to tackle it if you felt like doing so. I don't have a book that would show whether 54-56 would be the same, but I do know there are differences between large series and small series, as well as power seat and non power. It is definitely a desired product as even good versions are split in some way. The biggest problem I see is that unless you get your product in a catalog or go the eBay route (my suggestion) is that they will be hard to sell. I have had some AC brackets made up for the early nailhead engines and I did it (much like you desire) for he good of the hobby and to recoop my costs. I have only sold a few, so just don't plan on quick return on your investment.

    Good luck.

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  7. John D. just emailed me to let me know about the commotion. Nothing major to add. I have been slowly priming and straightening the sheet metal, but every time I think I can begin painting I get another customer car come in. That's good for my wallet. Not so good for my project.

  8. Outstanding Al.

    The only thing I would like to address is why Buick changed from 53-54. I would say it is probably because the 53 was large series and 54 was small series.

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  9. Me either, but it says Coker Classic really big on the side. It is a very obvious flaw that GM (or Ford) never could have had on the sidewall. At least Firestone and Goodrich could have been on the car. So is using a brand that didn't exist at that time considered lazy?

    Jake, you and I have been sideways in the distant past, right? Not to the point of name-calling, but we have always at least (if I recall) had arguments about differing opinions. Just reiterating that discourse lets us grow. Plus, I respect your opinions even if we don't agree.

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  10. Sorry Willis,

    I wasn't clear in my post earlier.

    I posted the picture of the BFG as what I personally interpret as the correct rib pattern of mid-50's tires. This rib pattern is shown in the service manual as well as various period literature. The Coker branded tire was the rib style in question, along of course with the fact that there was never a company at that time called Coker.

    They are obvious from ten feet to be incorrect, but if they are bias ply and the proper size They are allowed in BCA judging. I don't know about the AACA.

    Look, I am not even arguing this point. Merely trying to give more food for thought. Much like the other thread I started yesterday. We have jumped on one issue that (IN MY NON-BCA SANCTIONED OPINION) is more difficult to notice versus other much more glaring errors in restoration. I have heard and even made the "argument" that if "this" is incorrect, then what else did they scrimp on. Anybody who has ever restored a car can tell immediately if a car was done correctly. There are cues. C'mon...you guys can tell within a minute of walking up to a car the degree of restoration. We, as restorers, don't get fooled by shiny paint. We see the stainless line up. We see proper headed fender bolts that weren't bought at Lowes. We see tight seams in upholstery. We see different sheens of black in the engine compartment. You AACA peeps know this to be true.

    I want to know these answers because I have been a team captain before. Perhaps I was just handing out high medals for no apparent reason. I do know that I had a Senior car not repeat because it was painted an incorrect color, which of course put me on the hard-ass judge side of the argument.

  11. Isn't the point that upon close inspection that a knowledgable judge can tell an inauthentic reproduction?

    From ten feet away, you can tell a Coker tire has a completely wrong rib pattern in the sidewall, but I have never heard complaints of bad reproductions.



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