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  1. Does anyone have a source for a rebuild kit for the brass style windshield washer pump (the one in the jar) for a 1949 Oldsmobile 98? Fusick carries the rebuild kit for (what they call) the later plastic pump. I've googled the heck out of it and have not come across one. Thanks, Alan
  2. Stefan, sorry so late with this answer. I missed seeing your post. On the 49 the back-up light switch is under the floor pan. The linkage comes down from the selector lever and goes to the transmission. It is there where the linkages converge that the switch is located. I ended up taking the old one out, found out a small flat spring on the switch actuator (it looks like a paddle) was missing. I also found out the button style switch doesn't work properly, it has to be almost all the way down before it closes. I found a new spring online as well as a new switch. Well, what was advertised as th
  3. Is there any adjustment that can be made to the switch? When I put the car in reverse the lights do not come on. If I hold the gear selector all the way down, the lights do come on. It seems like maybe the switch needs to move forward, but I cannot get under the car to see if there is any adjustment available. I can feel one bolt holding the switch in place. If I loosen that bolt can I move the whole switch body forward? thanks, Alan
  4. Did the place that did your interior cut, fit, and bind the carpet?
  5. I contacted SMS and they have mats for '50 and up which I would think would be the same for a '49, but neither of us is sure. I am going to take a picture of what is left of mine (which is most of it, it's just very brittle) and send it to them so they can make a determination of if the '50 one will fit. I'll let everyone know what is found out.
  6. Thank you, thank you very much... I will check that out.
  7. Does anyone know of a source for the rubber mat that covers the front floor in a 1949 98? Google has not been able to help me out on this one. Thanks, Alan
  8. OK Steve. No problem. I'll keep looking, but if you do run into it, email me at 79starfire@sbcglobal.net ? Thanks, Alan
  9. Steve's going to keep looking, but if anyone else has or knows of one, I'm interested. Thanks,
  10. Thanks Steve. Sorry it's such a bother. I know exactly what you mean about thinking it's somewhere and it not being there. I swear there are gremlins that move stuff when we are not looking. Also understand about other things being more important. Let me know if you do find it. Thanks,
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