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  1. Hi, I assume you are from Granite Bay, CA. and if so, I live between Auburn and Grass Valley and have the bumper you need. Email me at wschoellerman@earthlink.net and I will respond with what I have. Willard
  2. The car is a 1910 Everitt model 30 willard 36
  3. I have a 1927 Olds less body for sale $500. The body was cut at the windshield posts so the firewall and dash is there. Located one hour east of Sacramento, Ca. 530-863 3260
  4. Hi, Did your dad have any old trans-axle's? If so, I would like to send you a photo to see if we have a match. Thanks, Willard36
  5. Here are two photos of the car. The photo is not clear enough to show that it does have wire wheels. See attached.
  6. One of my staff parents has what I believe to be a 1930 Olds convertible or roadater remains as yard art! The cowl numbers are Job # 8330 and body #3815. Can an Olds guy confirn? Thanks, Willard36
  7. Hi again, After I sent my response about your car being an Everitt/Tudhope I got thinking and in the body of your comments some family member mentioned the word Pope. Well the name Tudhope rymes with pope so I am quite sure it is a Tudhope. One is in the museum at Orillia, Canada. Regards. Willard
  8. It looks to me like a 1911-1912 Everitt or the Canadian version which was named the Tudhope. It could be the model 30 or 4-36 if it were a 1912 model. The hubcaps are the same and the radiator emblem looks like the horizontal diamond which was what was used on the car. Willard
  9. Car # 3 in picture # 3 could be a 1912 Everitt six cylinder car. The radiator emblem looks like a horizontal diamond which was the Everitt emblem and it has the large brass radiator that was on the 6-48. The front fenders are right however it seems most every one always copies every one else. Willard
  10. Sorry but it did not look like my first post went through so I sent it again before I saw it. The 1917-18 Chandlers had a rounded edge on top of the doors but the 1919-21 had an angle like shown in the photo. I own a 1920 Chandler touring and the whole side profile looks identical except for the body style. Willard36
  11. The car I believe is a 1919-21 Chandler four passenger roadster with the California top added. The rear seat is accessed through a gap between the front seats. Willard36
  12. This looks like a 1919-21 Chandler four passenger roadster. Access to the rear seat is a gap between the front seats. willard36
  13. The car looks like a 1911 Everitt, four door touring. The large hex aluminum hubcaps look like Everitt, also the rod shown under the rear end was used to help support the exta weight of the trans axle. The 1912 Everitt looks the same but the door handles were moved to the inside of the car so the one pictured is not a 1912. Willard36
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