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  1. have 46 continental coupe parts or complete car for sale. located in orlando fla. car rolls and steers. no engine or rear fenders. :Dplease contact me for list of parts left on or with car.no title, sold with bill of sale or parted out soon!! thanks, raywilks3430@mssn.com
  2. any chance those parts are same as mercury? might try BIG 'M', in calif. think they have a website. good luck!!
  3. dave is right. that's the hood i meant.
  4. dennis, another name is speed nut, tubular type.restoration specialties and supply company, p.o. box 328, winber pa. 814-467-9842. you will need to mike or use a digital caliper for correct size. thanks, ray.
  5. '64 hood ornament[i think]
  6. ford parts are trim rings for 50 ford, trunk emblem for 50, V-8 is [i think] off 50's pickup. all are being re-poped and only parts worth anything are the trim rings, 5 bucks each would be fair.
  7. changed my mind after checking my stock, 57 ford for sure, i do not know if merc is same, thanks.
  8. 1950 ford crestliner horn button, rare and expensive. the horn ring is "X" shaped to march the spokes in thge steering wheel. the "F" is called stlylized.
  9. fleek is right. not a rare part.
  10. i would guess between nov 1st 1947 and jan 31st 1948?
  11. i have just thurs mailed the bell crank with throttle rods attached to dennis long[he is on this forum]. i do not remember the bends peecher is refering to as being on the carb rod. the accel rod is a two piece adjustable on the stuff i mailed dennis. i only sent him the front half of that part since rthe other part was rusted tight to the accel pedal. all this came off my 46 continental parts car. you may want to contact dennis for pictures and/or confirmations. thanks, ray.
  12. looiks great!!! one helluva run!! i wish i had something left from my 34 master tudor to give you but a few pictures and a lot of good memories are all that is left. we will wait for updates and i sure am proud of what you did with what some people might call a pile of scrap. that would scare the average man to start with only what you had.
  13. they are 56 passenger, 55 look same except background color is red. these are necessary with wire spoke accessory both are plentifull and repoped.
  14. landman, where are you? i may be going into withdrawal symptons soon! hope all is well, i miss your input, thanks, ray
  15. that looks like first class work from a first class shop!i am impressed with both you guys. thanks!!!
  16. landman, my vote is: first, the cabriolet second, the dark brown coupe very good work!! i think you should consider doing a station wagon next. with your skills and patience you could put together a nice wagon and it would be worth a bunch. i also like the work your panel beater does, it looks like he is a sharp metal worker. i still visit this site at least twice daily. thanks for posting!!!
  17. i am proud of you!!! most people i know would not have tried a vechicle needing wood and metal to that extent. i look every day to see how you solved the next problem. dean and company had a lot more to work with, both tools and vechicle condition. uhm maybe next chore will be to build a welding table?? hang in there, we all are following along!!
  18. landman, yu are my hero!! my first car was a 34 chevy master tudor with the trunk on the back. as i remwmber the trunk was not removable. drove it all thru high school, sold it in 1953 still a good car. the wood in the doors was "loose" but they worked. i think you are doing super work and you are one brave man to take on a project that involved. i will follow your progress daily. thanks for posting, it helps us older guys keep going.
  19. following manuals for sale. please contact me for details and e-mail pictures 1955 ford car shop manual 339 pages 1956 ford car shop manual 367 pages 1957 ford car shop manual 1 1/4 " thick 1965 ford thunderbird shop manual 1" thick 1956 mercury maintenance manual 430 pages 1983 car shop manuals[set of 6] covers 1980-89 ford , mercury, lincoln, mark VI. 1960-1964 ford car parts and accessories text catalog 1242 pages 1960-1964 ford car parts and accessories illustrations catalog 956 pages 1997 [covers 1997-03] F150 service manuals, 2 volume helms, each 4" thick 1941 cadillac shop manual 96 pages thanks, raywilks3430@msn.com, 407-422-1018 evenings best
  20. have following used manuals for sale. please contact me for details and e-mail pictures. gonna sell 'em all at some price 1955 ford shop manual 341 pages 1956 ford shop manual 367 pages 1957 ford shop manual qapprox 1 1/2" thick 1965 ford thubderbird shop manual approx 1" thick 1956 mercury maintenance manual 430 pages 1960-64 ford parts and accessories text catalog 1242 pages 1960-64 ford parts and accessoties illustrations catalog 956 pages 1983 covers [1980-1989town car/markVI/crown victoria/grand marquis. set of 6 1975-1987 ford and mercury full size owners workshop manual280 pages 1941 cadillacshop manual96 pages thanks, raywilks3430@msn.com, 407-422-1018 evenings best.
  21. i bought one from napa several years back, top quality tool. used it a lot.
  22. call kenny welch. you need to tell him i sent you. 407-758-5092. he is in orlando fl area but maybe he can walk you thru it. he just completed a C-6 for me to go behind a 428 cu in. good luck. ray wilks . 407-422-1018. good luck!!
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