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  1. looiks great!!! one helluva run!! i wish i had something left from my 34 master tudor to give you but a few pictures and a lot of good memories are all that is left. we will wait for updates and i sure am proud of what you did with what some people might call a pile of scrap. that would scare the average man to start with only what you had.
  2. landman, where are you? i may be going into withdrawal symptons soon! hope all is well, i miss your input, thanks, ray
  3. that looks like first class work from a first class shop!i am impressed with both you guys. thanks!!!
  4. landman, my vote is: first, the cabriolet second, the dark brown coupe very good work!! i think you should consider doing a station wagon next. with your skills and patience you could put together a nice wagon and it would be worth a bunch. i also like the work your panel beater does, it looks like he is a sharp metal worker. i still visit this site at least twice daily. thanks for posting!!!
  5. i am proud of you!!! most people i know would not have tried a vechicle needing wood and metal to that extent. i look every day to see how you solved the next problem. dean and company had a lot more to work with, both tools and vechicle condition. uhm maybe next chore will be to build a welding table?? hang in there, we all are following along!!
  6. landman, yu are my hero!! my first car was a 34 chevy master tudor with the trunk on the back. as i remwmber the trunk was not removable. drove it all thru high school, sold it in 1953 still a good car. the wood in the doors was "loose" but they worked. i think you are doing super work and you are one brave man to take on a project that involved. i will follow your progress daily. thanks for posting, it helps us older guys keep going.
  7. on the seats, try charlie alexander, maryville. alexander upholsterey, can not find the number but he is acroos the street from county fire dept.
  8. we are glad to hear you folks are ok! hang in there, it has to break soon!
  9. Does Alice discard the wool and spin it? Snapdragon
  10. you are absolutly unbelievable!!!!!keep up the good work and many thanks for sharing!
  11. very good work!!! please keep us updated as you go forward. some of us 'LIVE' for this type of info. you seem to have all the talent needed to complete a very rare car. many of us envy you, thanks!!!
  12. 6 car garage full of subject parts, mostly used.contains 32 year collection. 57 t'bird and 57 custom tudor[both restored] for sale. 56 conv, 56 steel top crown both need restored. 57 conv parts car, good cowl and tub, top assembly. e-mail picturs for cars available. thanks, raywilks3430@ msn.com 407-422-1018 evenings.
  13. super job!!! i have read every one of your posts at least twice. did you keep the dog, may we see a picture of your new pet?thanks for all you are doing for the hobby, you have generated a lot of work projects!!!~
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