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  1. I am working on a 48 lincoln 4 door and need to find the rubber for the rear vent windows. Does anyone know where I can find these or a suitable substitute? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if the fenders from a 48 coupe will fit on my 48 4 door sedan? Thanks Roy
  3. Thanks V12Bill, I will contact them asap. I will be on the lookout for that lower hinge you need. Thanks again
  4. Does anyone know where I can get new bolts for the lower hinges on my 48 Lincoln? These are the bolts/pins that attach the hinge to the body. I destroyed the heads removing the hinges. Thanks
  5. Rolf, for some reason I got the e-mail back that I sent to you. I would love to see those pictures, any help at this point would be great.I have done several street rods,47 Merc, 2- 38 chevys. This is a real challange, do you have a source for rocker panels & floor panels? I can make the floor panels if I have to. The frame being welded to the body is a special challange itself. I have a great deal of welding experience mig & tig, but with very little to work with I will need some advice & information. thanks Roy
  6. I don't know if the car is worth trying to save. The entire floor is gone, trunk bottom needs to be replaced, seats are shot, etc. Can I get floor panels, rocker panels for a 48 Lincoln. I have not got into the engine & drive train yet. I really would like to bring it back if possible. Thanks for any help, tips or advice. Roy
  7. I just got a 47-48 Lincoln. It's in rough shape (floor gone, seats shot, fender rust at the bottom,etc). I would like to bring this car back to life. Any suggestions? Can I do a frame off? I know it has what is called unit body. I think I can get the body off and weld it back on. All I need is suggestions and motivation. Thanks Roy
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