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  1. thank you all! upon further investigation I found wire disconnected on side of lighter (ground ?) replaced blown fuse and all is well!
  2. anyone have any insight into lighter issues. It has never worked since I bought my 89 but it becomes an issue when I go any distance and like to keep the cell charged. I followed the wiring and all seem to be connected. I also tried to clean out the base as best as I could to make sure the contacts are in as good a shape as possible. Any ideas or replacements would be appreciated.
  3. ok how do I remove panels?? thanks in advance
  4. next stupid question: removed bulbs from door panels when checking for fuse blowing problem (solved). Now I put bulb back in socket and plastic holder is inside opening in door. how do I re-attach red/clear lense which goes over opening to plastic bulb holder? I know that the lense has four corner clips that slide into holder but there does not seem to be anything that keeps the holder against the inside of panel when pressure is supplied to lense. Holder just falls inside panel. Do I have to take panel off to re-install? Sorry this confusing reading!
  5. Good news! wire to underhood light melted in spots. diconnected and back in service. Thanks to all and add it to our electrical problems manual.
  6. headlights are working, just entry lights,mirror light and brake lights don't work
  7. lost all interior lights and most importantly brake lights on 89TC (I believe it was fuse #6) tried replacing all rear light bulbs but cannot even get fuse in place before it blows again. Any one have any experience with this or idea of where to start looking? Have a great day!
  8. not sure what I am looking for when you say "drains connected in top well". Where would I be looking to see if drains are connected?
  9. Courtesy of our lovely new england weather lately.....rain and then more rain.....I am discovering a trunk with puddles galore. I have already tossed trunk lining.. PEW! Anyone have any experience with this? I can't see where h20 is entering trunk???? Many Thanks
  10. trying to change the turn signal on passenger side of 89. I've followed directions I found on previous postings. Using allen wrench and a good deal of pressure the screws don't want to give. There seems to be a good deal of rust on the screws.......should I increase the pressure??? I'm scared the screws might snap..... any ideas???? I'm not mechanically inclined but who designed this system anyway? It's easier to change the tires....
  11. absolutely! I'll take it....send info to my email forbc.forbc@verizon.net...and thanks
  12. looking for hood latch rod, the knob that goes on the end of the rod and the clip for the rod. I have been crossing my fingers to open the hood for some time but the rod completely broke off while at the mechanics. I have tried to order the parts from various chrysler suppliers etc but after they take the order it always comes back that the parts are unavailable? I also have searches out with used parts sites. Tape glue and gum is not going to last much longer.....any ideas? also looking for parking/turning front lense passenger side. Thanks in advance for any help
  13. Sorry, I should have mentioned that I have checked the codes since the problem started. It always shows the code for power loss. I don't have the code book or the car in front of me but it's the code that gives as example that the battery had been disconnected etc. I believe it stated that after 15 starts this code would clear but it has never cleared so I tried to steer the mechanic in that direction. I appreciate your help with this matter. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> My wife is a piano teacher so I feel connected! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />
  14. replaced hep as you suggested but could not start car at all. I had to have her towed. I ran the battery down trying to start her......sounded like it wanted to catch but just would not. Mechanic replaced fuel pump relay (all greek to me) and it started right up. He told me he would take the car last night since I had so many issues with it and drive it for a couple of days. When he pulled out of his shop last night it stalled across 2 lanes of traffic ( a real show stopper!). He said it would start/stall repeatedly. He pushed it with the help of a few irate travelers back into his lot and left it overnight. The first thing in the morning the car started right up and he let it run for 2 hours no problem! When he tried to drive it tonight ...it stalled. I just left him frustrated and not in a mood to talk. Could it be a battery connection? what could cause it to start sometimes and not others (currently it starts every time) and/or stop dead when driving?????? I will pass on any suggestions tomorrow when he is in a better mood. As always thank you...I would be lost without all your advice!
  15. mechanic just replaced head, gasket, belts etc etc. car starts and after 15 minutes on the road stalls out (in traffic no less) will not start. wait 15 minutes and it starts right up to repeat the whole process again! any ideas??? (for me to suggest to the mechanic>>as you all know by now I am mechanically illiterate)
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