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  1. Hi I happen to be cleaning out my garage I have a complete box the heater a/c all the vacum line are all good. e mail me tc255@optonline.net
  2. Jeff If the only thing holding up you driving the car I have a transmission for your car in good working condition, it is an older rebuild was running good when pulled out of car e-mail me tc255@optonline.net maybe we can work out a deal.
  3. Contact Parts For Imports (800) 582-7048 Ext. 110 ask for Mark. Thry sell Sachs original equipment for the TC, prices were not bad
  4. Hi I will take the passenger side head light if you still have it ? e-mail me at tc255@optonline.net
  5. For all replacement stuts contact Parts for Imports (800) 582-7048 Ext 110 ask for mike good prices exact fit good luck
  6. If it's the v-6 check rubber lines by charcoal canister pass side in front
  7. contact Parts for Imports (800) 582-7048 ext:110 ask for Mark . they have all struts for tc this is information from TC America club newspaper they have lots of information in the letters
  8. There is a left headlight assembly on e-bay #7964057329 new in box good hunting
  9. HI yes the original colors are around, I found a store that can get it a gallongoes for appox $350.00 retail
  10. Hi You should change both mounts the one on the transmission side and the one on the belt side. I bet the belt side mount is very loose, this will wear out your axle on the right side if driven too long.
  11. Hi before you go through the big expense of a transmission get a gallon of mopar 7176 transmission fluid and a new filter. A lot of transmission shops use dextron 3 fluid instead of the mopar fluid. go to allpar.com for more transmission help
  12. If changing the bulb does not help ,clean the ground for the tail lights the left tail light ground on left inside the trunk.For the right side the ground is on the rear panel left of tail light assembly.
  13. The backup switch is on the transmission in the front.
  14. the windshield is the same as the labaron convertable
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