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  1. If you look at the picture of the dash in the ad, the anti-lock brake warning light is on. Another Teves issue?
  2. The S/N listed in the ad is on Barney's spreadsheet so the owner is aware of this forum.
  3. There's one listed on CL in Minnesota.... https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/cto/d/minneapolis-1990-rare-buick-reatta/6945115866.html
  4. 1985 Subaru BRAT GL, 4 speed, working AC, t-tops completely original. No winter use, only rained on twice. Originally from West coast, now in Minnesota. This was the last year for the rearward facing seats in the bed. Runs great hill holder works fine.
  5. Just arrived from Arizona, Black with the obligatory tan interior. All original, a true survivor, just over 100M. Runs great, AC works. Frank at 612-824-1201.
  6. Out of winter storage and ready to be seen.
  7. Sold by Buick in the US as a "1900". Four speed, 107, xxx miles, I am the second owner, period correct Revolution wheels with newer 60 series tires, new battery. Runs great, was originally owned by an Opel garage specialist, has the OEM factory gauge cluster normally found only on the Sportwagon and Ralley models. Very clean body, original paint. $2700, car is in Minneapolis, MN. Call Frank at 612-824-1201.
  8. Any idea how much it would cost to ship it to 55409?
  9. 1967 Volvo wagon, four speed, B-20 engine, new battery, exhaust and two tires. Runs great, shifts smooth. Don't know mileage as it only has a five digit odometer. Car is in Minneapolis, MN 612-824-1201.
  10. 1967 Volvo wagon, four speed, B-20 engine, new battery, exhaust and two tires. Runs great, shifts smooth. Don't know mileage as it only has a five digit odometer. Car is in Minneapolis, MN 612-824-1201.
  11. How about just disconnecting the hose from the PCV? Let it vent to the atmosphere. And what's the other hose on the engine backside that goes from the intake manifold to a fitting on the air intake, does that have a separate PCV too?
  12. The listing was closed. What was so special about it?
  13. Local ad for a 1990 Reatta says the touchscreen works perfectly. I thought the touch screen ended in 1989.
  14. What should I expect to pay for 4 full size 1956 Olds hubcaps? Just driver quality, the ones with the small grooved "lump" in the middle.
  15. They are 14" the back tires are slightly larger, 205s I think. Very good tread all around. The wheels are in great shape, they were on a low mileage southern car that got hit by a fallen tree. The black paint around the bolts holes would need freshing up for them to be perfect. How do I attach pictures? Email me and I'll respond with pictures.
  16. I have a set of very good chrome SSIIIs wheels with great tires for sale. They were from a low mileage southern car and they are complete with the center caps. Located in Minnesota $300
  17. Noted on Craigslist in Minneapolis, complete front for a '67 Cutlass, $200 http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/pts/204016355.html
  18. Is there a website that lists wheel bolt circle sizes by car type? I recall one that listed wheel interchangability between different cars.
  19. My 1990 Olds Touring Sedan has progressively lost use of all but the drivers door. One-by-one over the course of a few months the 3 other doors won't open. At first the door won't close completely then when slammed shut it won't re-open, doesn't respond to the power unlock or the manual unlock mechanism. The outside button feels "soft" as if the door is locked (which it is). Would a "Slim Jim" do the trick? I'm afraid I'll lose the drivers door one of these days and will have to climb in the sunroof! Help Olds guys, I'd hate to retire my beloved Touring Sedan because it locked me out!
  20. Actually I think the 1.8 is a Brazilian motor. It runs great in the Firenza though and gets great mileage. Last year we couldn't give away our other J car, an '84 Cavalier convert. This year with the price of gas, we could have sold 10 of them!
  21. My younger daughter loves J cars (Cavalier, Sunbird etc). I finally got her an Olds. A 1984 Firenza SX hatchback. The local Olds club scoffs at it but at least it's an Olds. Anyway, I need the lower rocker moulding on the drivers side. It's probably the same one used on the Cavalier/Sunbird/Skyhawk hatchback. Car-parts.com can't find one. Anybody out there know where I can find one? This will keep a young lady interested in Oldsmobiles.
  22. It's time to retire my much loved 1990 Olds Touring Sedan. With 172K on it and still running great (I drive over 100 miles back and forth to work each day). Anyhow, It's got a few quirks. Like you need a screwdriver to start it. Someone tried to steal it and just busted out the side of the steering column. Rather than try and find a replacement steering column I just use the screwdriver. You still need the key to unlock the wheel though. The Teves master cylinder was repaced a few years ago (if you have one you know what they cost). It's white with a red interior, moonroof all the options. Worth $500 just for the parts. 612-824-1201
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