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  1. I have a Series 60 1933 Buick that has 16" artillery wheels with what look to be 33 Buick hubcaps but possibly could be from another year. I am going to buy six 17" wire wheels which I believe to be the correct size for my 1933 Buick. Will the hubcaps that are on the 16" wheels work on the 17" wire wheels?



    you need to call me and i will help. paul 1 231 357 3009

  2. Can anybody tell me if a 33 Buick Series 50 exhaust manifold is interchangeable with other years and models?

    Also, if you have this intake manifold, I could use a good one! Bob 360 754-4676

    1933-1950 series exhaust manifolds will interchange paul [ 1933 buickregistry}

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