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  1. I think your right, 1940 Chrysler Windsor, Looks like a to door sedan , Just like this picture Thanks, Guys
  2. Hi Guys, Can anyone identify this car? It's my uncle Sam Spera on the hood Thanks, Mark
  3. Yes, that was me last summer under the tent for the 100th anniversary of Dodge Brothers. Thanks
  4. Thanks Keith, I volunteer at the Cannon restoration shop at the Gettysburg national battlefield. On the wall of the shop is a picture of what they think is the first automobile owned by the park service. It's a Rowe. The picture is dated 1912. It's a small truck, less the 1 ton for sure here is a pic I took with my phone. I was just wondering if there were any survivors. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi, Does anyone have any info on Rowe cars and trucks? They were produced in Pennsylvania from 1912 to 1925 . are there any pictures, or survivors ? Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi Guys, Could you let everybody in the club know that a movie company is looking for 1950's and 60's cars They would be used in a documentary being filmed in West Virginia, ( About 1 1/2 Hours from Gettysburg) Later this month and into OCT. If anyone has cars like this or knows of someone please have them email The Car booking agent His name is Norman Altizer and his email is : naltizer@comcast.net This is a paying job and you will be fed and hotel for the time you are there This is short notice so thanks for spreading this a fast as possible . Thanks, Mark Ounan
  7. Please think about selling it whole. it would be worth more together.
  8. The engine color is a gray green it is available from Tom Myers early Dodge I'll try to post some pic of my 1916
  9. I am looking for an M3 armored Scout Car built by the White Motor car Co. it's the 4 wheel version not the Halftrack Thanks, Mark Ounan 202-297-3532 cell mark.ounan@us.army.mil
  10. Dave , that's just the tank I need, unfortunately I can't figure out how to answer that add
  11. do you think cars and trucks are interchangeable ?
  12. Hi everybody, I am looking for a new or good used or bad gas tank for my 1942 Dodge 1/2 ton Panel Van. the old one was rotten and removed when I bought the truck. Does anybody know what years might fit this truck? or do you know someone who can make one? thanks, Mark Ounan
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