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  1. still got alot of parts..basically the whole chassis,engine and trans missing some parts though..got the splash aprons for the front and sides. might be willing to part with the whole thing for the right deal,which would be a shovelhead or panhead harley
  2. i dont have the windshield,just the inside board with the cranka nd gears..can someone tell me how it attaches to the windsheild,maybe show a picture? its a 27 coupe
  3. i did not think that they would,but i wanted to double check...thanks to the both of you
  4. i got an email from someone with a 27 model 27 looking for fenders,and i got a 27 model 28 with good rear fenders? i dont know that much about these buicks
  5. job #6840 body #2553 frame #1701488
  6. got a 27-28 coupe.how many were made,whats the wheel base? is there some way to find out when,it is titled as a 26 so i think its early production
  7. who does these? its a model 28 coupe
  8. it is a standard i believe its a model 28
  9. i have one off a 27 model 28,if that will wor send me am email rev616_at_gmail.com
  10. im not sure,havent thought about it. nahh im going with a buick nailhead
  11. i also found rear bumper and brackets headlight buckets and bar curtain rods hubcaps in varying condition hood sides and hardware
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