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  1. I gave up-after being ripped off for most of a year by unscrupulous mechanics and people asking for money for parts they did not have, i have decided to put up the car for sale. Car bought for my Dad and he passed away a month ago-it was to be his nostalgia car that we could both work on together-he was the car buff-i know nothing. (SEE PICTURE) i bought the car last year and have put a great deal of time and effort to get the car in shape-mechanically has new everything and recently new torque convertor and tranny, new water pumps, hoses, filter, bsttery, etc---too many to name. In addtion ,
  2. PLEASE HELP- OR I WILL HAVE TO SCRAP THE CAR-it seems as though this car's tranny is shot and no one wants to sell the torque converter alone-it means i have to spend a lot more than i can afford. i cannot keep th e car as a parts car-engine and exterior are flawless, so if i cannot keep it i will donate it to charity. please write me here or at can545@yahoo.com thank you
  3. thanks for the reply--i found someone who will fix it --it is all original and i want to keep it that way-i will be selling it since i am not a mechanic and cannot deal witht eh problems myself regards carlos
  4. Thanks for the kind reply-i found a local guy that will do the work-it has been a real hassle and think i will eventually sell this beauty regards Carlos
  5. Bought this beauty from St. Louis-the car needed much more than he said so i did it-the motor has been done and the car ran great UNTIL...i thought i had everything covered-my Roadmasrter was all new inside and out-now the mechanic says I need a new tranny-and the car sits at the shop. DOES ANYONE IN MIAMI FIX TRANSMISSIONS THAT YOU ALL KNOW OF? I do not want to junk the car or sell it for parts-i have about $ 6,500 in it and it is all beautiful-really a great buick. ANY IDEAS OUT THERE GUYS?
  6. Thanks steve-i await your reply on my regualr mail All the best
  7. thanks Joe-as always a kind person around. happy Holidays
  8. Since I am having problems with the car and it needs TLC, would anyone have one for me to buy? Thanks and happy holidays
  9. i replied to you using my regular mail and this forum-thank you again for your kindness in trying to help me-God Bless and happy new year
  10. i have enjoyed my 57 Roadmaster 73A and for Thanksgiving had plaaned to take it to the neighborhood annual party. While parking it in the driveway, the GEAR SHIFT BROKE OFF-YES, MY GEAR SHIFT BROKE OFF!!!!!! I treat the car like an old woman-so gingerly. Now, Where on Earth do i get another one and does anyone know how the old one comes off-can it be soddered? HELP !!!! i love this car-it was meant as an ispiration for my Dad, who is 80 and just lost my mom to cancer... now it just sits, waiting for a gear shift. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I would be happy to compensate you if you can gi
  11. Thank you for your help-appreciate it carl
  12. I just bought a Buick and love it-but the car needs TLC in the form of minor trim and two letters and step plates that are worn and windshield trim, etc. Does anyone have these things or know where i can get them? All the usual channels I.E. whitney and other internet places cannot help. have a great day Carl
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