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  1. So thats where the four pounds I gained came from.
  2. The whole area around Hershey suffered from the floods and they welcomed a lot of us to the area just three weeks later. I thanked several personaly during the week there.
  3. Wednesday was by far our best day. Lots of buyers from overseas each day. We noticed no drop-off of crowds in our area of the Green field. The Hershey region did a great job considering the rain before the show. Saturday is what the Hershey event is all about and the cars are the stars. Lots of vendors (i.e.: AACA members) pack up Friday night so they can enjoy the Saturday show also. There basically are few customers on Saturday and a lot of us have hundreds of miles to drive home so packing up is the only economically prudent thing to do. I do not want to pay for an overpriced motel for Satu
  4. Hershey was wonderful as usual. My only pet peeve is the SUNGLASSES booth 50 feet from the AACA cider tent on the Green field. I stopped an AACA cart that was cruising the Green field with two officials riding in it and asked why the sunglasses guy was allowed to operate. I was told in no uncertain terms that their cart was not for the Green field but another field and I would have to find someone else to address the issue. Not worth my time as the sunglasses guy has been there for a number of years and nothing has been done about it anyway. On a positive note, the load in for the Green field
  5. This forcast is too good. Kinda scary to think we could have a great week. I think the last time was in 2001 after 9-11.
  6. Sounds like you have the major holidays covered. Especially the the High Holy Days of Hershey.
  7. The problem is with vendors who are incorporated. The filing and bookeeping is harder. I let my accountant do it, but I have to pay him more for the 5 days a year I am there. The online filing part is fairly easy, I let my wife do it.
  8. They're here. My space stickers arrived in the Detroit area in todays mail. One month to go and counting.
  9. I also remember when the 1955-56 Packard parts I was selling were too new to be allowed on the field. I think my 1950-51 Packard stuff was ok. No one can forget the incesant blaring of the large speakers making announcements for people to move their cars out of other vendors spaces.
  10. I remember the banks of temporary telephones brought onto the blue field and the long lines waiting to make a call. I also remember when they started allowing good food vendors onto he field. One year a vendor "Monroes Ribs" was set up near our vending spot. We ate like kings on great ribs that year.
  11. I worked on putting my freshly repainted rebuilt engine back together. Lots more to do, but it is a start.
  12. Just a small point, The Henry Ford is in Dearborn, MI. not Southfield. I live about 3/4 mile away from it.
  13. If a fellow club member has comments on the subject they would like to make that is great, no matter your opinion. It is not for one club member to say the thread has went on far to long when other fellow club members still have someting to say.
  14. I am curious if the written contract the AACA entered into defines exactly how the members phone and email address will be handled and protected. Has the marketing company been prohibited by signed contract from giving our data to a third party? Also, who exactly the "sales" people are and if background checks were performed and documented before they were given our information. Also does the AACA have documented assurance of how our information will be destroyed after this project is over. What procedure has the club put into place to ensure the marketing company indeed destroys all of the da
  15. The mystery is solved. The motor has been identified as a left rear quarter window motor for 1956-57 Lincoln Mark II.
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