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  1. Help, need advice/direction on how to remove drip rail/moulding on a 1923 Single Six 5 Passenger Sedan. The original top finally needs to be replaced as the corners are cracked and it has some larger patches from years back. We don't want to get caught in any storms on this year's Vintage Tour. The current fabric appears to be original, although the car was painted in the 80's. There are no visible nail or screw heads in the drip rail with our only hint being the split in the moulding centered above the windshield. Our 79 year old upholsterer says its been so long, he can't remember how to remove it. Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated so we can go on the Vintage!! Thanks.
  2. I know I have them back to at least 1988 - I believe they go back to the early 80's. I'm sure the region may have some examples of each year - they kept at least one of everything that was sold or given away at the show.
  3. John, it's exciting to see the 1910 back on the road as your dad was very, very proud of that car and it's history - I didn't know him as well or as long as Tracy and her folks, but once I did get to know him - he was a terrific guy. There's something about setting the backlash in those rears that's a bit cathartic! We still joke about the night he picked us up in Denver and took us to Bruce's in the 50 Chevy! Anyway - you and your Mom and brother are always welcome at our place if you make the trek East. Also - I must put a plug in for the 2014 Reliability Tour. The routes are finished, the hotel is starting to fill up, National has the registration stuff - so send your card in. I've lived here for not quite 50 years and we'll be visiting places and travelling roads that I've never seen before laying this out. Gil Sr's Creepy Crawly is for the slower movers, but it and the Reliability itself will be a lot of fun. You can start touring Sunday with a short warm up and dinner (bring your fishing rods) and you'll see a silver mine, get to use your gas lamps and drive quite a few miles on dirt and gravel plus ford streams! We'll (Susquehanna HCCA and Hershey Region) have a booth at the National Meeting in Philly - so stop by.
  4. Peter and Marty, You both point out that AACA shows are typically Saturdays (with an occasional Grand National on Friday), however Tour schedules aren't necessarily convenient for families. Many of the Tours are scheduled during non-peak vacation periods to keep costs down (for our retired/fixed income members), however these time periods typically fall during the normal school year. When you look at the number of members and member's spouses that are school teachers, and the potential youth participants that this excludes, it becomes very difficult to find events that are family friendly. Building youth interest and fostering the next generation(s) involvement really is more likely based on these "kids" experiencing the vehicles. Walking around at a car show is one way to see them, but the real experience is found on Tour. Look at this year's calendar as well as next year, and there are few "family friendly" Tours for the school age kids. I know that given the choice between going to a show and participating in a Tour, each of our family members opt for the Tour. Maybe the club could look at finding possible Regional Tour ideas that are in fact geared towards the family?? Now that I'm finished rambling, it's time to get the car packed for next week's Vintage Tour - and yes there will be school teacher navigating, and a 3 three and six year old in the backseat!!!
  5. Work in progress? How about a premature nightmare. I've sat back and read the postings for the last month - after receiving the letter in November informing me that my vehicle had been moved to class 4B. Albeit with no explanation in the letter of what defined class 4B (heck I pulled out the judging manual and tried to figure out how a 4 cylinder, 4 cycle powered vehicle was electric powered - since that was what class 4 was/is) - anyway, now that I've digested the "List" I wonder what thought (if any) went into this reclassification? It's been stated that this was done in response to member's comments/desires. I question which members were polled regarding this change? Those with these "small vehicles" or those with "large vehicles"? Owning three vehicles that fall under this loose classification - none of which would make sense sitting side by side on a showfield - I have to question the logic used to get us to this point. Can we at least refine the classification by seating capacity, engine displacement and wheelbase - possibly using the decade of manufacture as a chronological differentiation? Our judging system is better than this - let's demonstrate the logic that 75 years of experience should have taught us.
  6. I agree the current logo represents the ideals of the club as it was founded. The Duryea is symbolic of these ideals. However I have to admit that just yesterday I was wearing one of the new T-shirts and my 2 year old walked up behind me, poked me in the back and said "cars". I was shocked - especially since he's only ever referred to the Duryea as a "tractor". So I guess it all has to do with the target audience. I guess the only way to cure him is to get him a ride in a real Duryea, so he knows it too is a car!
  7. As I sit here in Charlotte waiting for my flight to Huntsville, I'm touched by all the posts regarding Ron. Ron or better yet, "Uncle Ronnie" was both a mentor to me, my wife, my Mother-in-law and my mother. That being said - he did things no single individual could have ever done. He taught my wife how to drive a brass car - Team Hudson had to have been a sight to see. He taught my Mother in Law the ins and outs of the old boys club she was elected to and would eventually preside over. He showed my mother how his views of judging could be combined with modern computers to build the most advanced judging system in the world. He showed me how to lead, stand up for what you believe in and at the same time,have fun while trying to make a difference in the AACA. Tracy and I had a beer and a shot of bourbon in his honor Friday night and Saturday I lit a cigar, and pulled a 1962 Solex Moped (that Ron had owned) and drove it around for about 30 minutes - why??? Because that's what he would have done!!!
  8. West, Tracy and I were the "crew" that Dan and Judy were taking to Bruce's Bar for our initiation to "Rocky Mtn Oysters" that evening in Denver. Needless to say, we had a great time. Dan wouldn't have had it any other way! When we received the call last evening, I made Tracy sit down to break the news to her. That big, old loveable man meant a lot to her, as he did to everyone he touched. Safe Flight Big Bird!
  9. Joe, Ron is right about the dating of these badges - from the research I've done, the copyright on the logo was reapplied for in 1952. This was the change from Roman "V" to "u". So this design is applicable from 1936 through 1952. I've got four different variations of this design - all very similar in size, and three are pedestal mounted, the fourth doesn't have the pedestal, has mounting holes on the face. I've been told by old-time AACA members in the Philly area that these were all cast locally on an as needed basis. The detail in the Duryea - especially the wheels and also the backgrounds vary from very smooth to extremely grainy - depending on the design. As for value - I'd say yes, they are valuable. There is some collector interest. They aren't a $100 badge, but I've seen them sell for $25 to $40 at auction.
  10. Brad, assuming it says Electric Auto-lite Co on the shell, it's a side light from a 1915 Overland model 80. Just happen to have one sitting in the garage. Jeff
  11. Steve, Thanks for getting this posted so quickly. I just got the message myself and I am deeply saddened. John was a good friend, and a man very dedicated to this hobby. Having served with him on the Library and Research Center Board, I can say that his dedication always remained intact - even after he became ill. This was demonstrated by his traveling to Hershey for meetings and the Fall Meet. We (the Board) looked forward to his updates regarding his treatment progress and how he was feeling - and he was always willing to share. He was truly unselfish. I will miss John, as I am sure all hobbyists who were touched by his wit and knowledge will be. Go in Peace. Jeff Lesher
  12. It is a really nice pedal airplane - plus it was donated by Sandy Neidigh in honor of Glen. He had purchased a bunch of pedal cars (and a plane) to be donated to the Library and Research Center as fundraisers. Sandy hopes these items eventually adds up to a $10,000 Geln Neidigh Memorial in the L&RC Endowment. What a nice idea - and the tickets are cheap!!!!
  13. Rita, Many thanks to the Pocono Region for their generosity as well as to Howard and his buddies in the R n R section! When I found out he was doing a challenge - I knew the results would be impressive. My hat's off to them!
  14. Ron, All I can say is the response has been more than I expected - especially from the individual members and Forum participants. As of this morning, total cash received towards the roof fund was at $2,650 this included 3 Regions and 13 individuals. One couple drove 45 minutes to Hershey and dropped off a check for $1,000. In addition, there are pledges for at least another $2,300 from seven individuals and another 4 regions. This puts us at just under $5,000. This is great, but I believe more can be done. Many people are taking the message to their upcoming Region meetings and Holiday parties and have offered to pass the hat. This is probably the simplest and easiest way to make a contribution. This is great - plus it hasn't rained in a week - so Kim and Kathy are still dry!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
  15. I just wanted to let all the Forum readers know that your help in raising the money to replace the Library and Research Center roof is paying off. I received word last evening that the Sugarloaf Mtn Region has approved donating $1,000 towards the roof fund and I also got a phone call with a private AACA member's pledge for $1,000!!!! Let's keep up the good work! I was excited with the $100 and $250 pledges, but the $1,000 pledges really take a sizable bight out of our figure. Last night's call challenges other Regions and members to match the $1,000 donation. As i said before, it's evident the AACA membership is a truly caring and concerned group. Thanks form the Board of Directors of the Library and Research Center.